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Posted by mike On October 25th, 2010

Following the recent Brentwood Meeting, David Fisher made the point that for casters just starting competition casting, there was no realistic chance of winning anything, and he was right! Yes, tuition and The Badge scheme were helpful, but something more to keep up casting morale and enthusiasm was needed.

Following some discussion at BFCC Committee level and with David, the B100 casting competition was devised and will be introduced at Newark in 2011, with the specific objective of encouraging casters up the competition ladder. This will be open to casters who have not cast 100ft or more in any BFCC #5F or #7F event. Competitors in this category will enter the #5F and #7F events in the usual way and their longest cast in each will be added together. The winner’s trophy will be presented to the caster with the highest combined total.

It is hoped that the idea of casting in both competitions will provide the opportunity to recover, should one result be a disappointment and, also, reflect a river or stillwater fishing background of those concerned.

If eligible, please have a try – it will be fun and add to your casting experience. It certainly helped me when I started and cast with the greats of the day, as a British Casting Association ‘C’ class caster, in 1966.

New Tricks Mikey & Totally Sober Jono.

Posted by mikeh On October 15th, 2010

Here is alternative viewpoint of last weekends meeting by Roger Miles. I think it’s a bit rich of Roger to talk about Tomo grabbing the gold in his grubby little hands when he spends half his time at meetings pursuading us to part with our money…… Ah, CHUBBY, sorry Rog, I misread that bit. 

Mike H


 When Mike Heritage told me of his intention to change the format of the competition of the BFCC to bring it more in line with international standards, I got quite excited.

 Then I thought hang on a minute our own Jonathan Tomlinson will be up there to grab gold in his chubby little hands,

 Anyway it all got off to a flying start and as Mike’s own report says it went extremely well. The way it was organised by Mike Heritage & John Reynolds was flawless.

 Now last year Jonathan Tomlinson was hitting very big numbers in all distances, but on the day he was so hung over (I suspect he was nobbled the night before)  he could not even see the casting lane let alone throw a line down it, so he was very disappointed in the BFCC 2009 meeting.

 Therefore it was no surprise when every few minutes Jono came up to me and kept saying “I am sober today Rog”.  I thought, here we go, he is going to win it all.

 But big Trev saw him off in the Salmon. John Reynolds, showed him what to do with a bit of fluff in the accuracy, Lisa Isles gave him a fright in the T38. James Evans beat him by feet not inches in the T38, so well done to all you guys and girls that took part.

 Anyone that looks at the results on our website will realise that in England we have some of the best in the world.

 Now here’s the rub, Jono was the overall winner, it just goes to show that world class is world class. You are the man Jonathan.

 Next year we will start drinking two days before, so enjoy your spoils Jono, because we are coming for you.

 To sum up our event for the BFCC October meeting 2010 I have to use the words of the boss Michael Marshall, who has hosted scores of meetings over the years. He said “this is the best meeting ever”.

 Again, well  done everyone, see you at the Spring Show in March next year.


Posted by mike On October 11th, 2010

Weather conditions were bright sun and a gusty east wind throughout, making casting challenging – particularly the backcast.

The results were:

Accuracy – John Reynolds 12 points,  Jonathan Tomlinson 10,  Mike Heritage 10,  Andy Miller 8,  Lisa Isles 7,  Trevor Bourne 6,  Lee Martell 4,  James Evans 3,  David Fisher 0.

#5F – Jonathan Tomlinson 129′ 7″,  James Evans 121′ 2″,  Alex Titov 120′ 9″,  Mike Heritage 120′,  John Reynolds 114′ 2″,  Dean Bass 108′ 7″, Lee martell 107′ 10″, Trevor Bourne 106′,  Andy Miller 103′, Lisa Isles 87′ 7″,  David Fisher 87′ 2″.

#7F – Jonathan Tomlinson 136′ 11″,  Mike Heritage 128′ 1″, James Evans 127′ 4″, Dean Bass 126′ 1″,  Alex Titov 125′ 5″,  John Reynolds 115′ 6″,  Lee Martell 108′ 2″, Trevor Bourne 107′ 3″, Andy Miller 100′, Lisa Isles 97′ 2″, David Fisher 77′ 7″.

#9F – Jonathan Tomlinson 148′ 3″,  John Reynolds 143′,  James Evans 141′ 1″, Alex Titov 137′ 10″,  Mike Heritage 135′ 5″,   Trevor Bourne 132′ 5″,  Lee Martell 125′ 11″, Andy Miller 122′ 3″, Lisa Isles 103′ 9″,  David Fisher 94′ 7″.

T38 – James Evans 187′ 4″,  Jonathan Tomlinson 182′ 2″,  Dean Bass 176′,  Mike Heritage 173′ 7″, Andy Miller 172′ 9″, John Reynolds 172′ 8″,  Lisa Isles 165′ 1″, Lee Martell 163′,  Trevor Bourne 161′ 9″,   Terry Jenner 155′ 8″,  David Fisher 114′ 6″.

T120 – Trevor Bourne 225′,  Andy Miller 221′ 7″,  Jonathan Tomlinson 209′ 2″,  John Reynolds 204′,  Terry Jenner 198′ 1″,  Mike Heritage 189′ 7″,  Lee Martell 171′ 1″,  David Fisher 129′ 2″

Victor Ludorum (All Round) – Jonathan Tomlinson 10 points,  Mike Heritage 23, John Reynolds 24,  James Evans 29,  Andy Miller 37,  Trevor Bourne 38,  Lee Martell 42,  Dean Bass 46,  Alex Titov 47,  Lisa Isles 55,  David Fisher 62,  Terry Jenner 63.

Badges: Lisa Isles 30yd,  Terry Jenner 50yd.

Congratulations on new BFCC Records: Lisa Isles #9F OR & SNR 103′ 5″ & T38  OR & SNR 165′ 1″, Jonathan Tomlinson #9F OR & SNR 148′ 3″, John Reynolds #9F S50 143′, Mike Heritage T38 S60 173′ 7″.

Brentwood 2010

Posted by mikeh On October 10th, 2010

I know all my event reports start off by saying what a fantastic/successful/enjoyable day it was but most of you were not members three or more years ago when it was only me, John Reynolds Mike Marshall plus the odd stray dog that turned up for meetings. Yes, I know I am exaggerating, slightly, but there is a buzz and vibrancy about the club now that is just so pleasing to those of us that lived through the doldrums. Especially pleasing for Mike Marshall without whom the club would probably have folded ages ago.

 With everybody’s help the new system of casting different events in different lanes at the same time worked really well and the accuracy comp seemed to be very popular, I even managed to hit one or two myself. In fact things ran so smoothly that we managed to cast all six of our events.

 I suppose I should feel sorry for Tomo because if this had been the club championship event instead of a dress rehearsal he would have been crowned champion by a country mile. It isn’t natural for one person to be so good at every discipline, he won three events and was well placed in the others, as you will see if MM can make head or tail of the results sheets.

 James Evens regrets having a warm up cast with the nine weight, it went 151′ which, unfortunately, he couldn’t repeat once the clock started. It also allowed Tomo to cast what I think is a new club record.

 We probably have at least one new ladies record when new member Lisa Isles cast 166′ with the T38, note the T38 is the mens event, women can cast a slightly lighter outfit, but we didn’t have one handy.

 Jaw dropping moment of the day was new member Trevor Bourne who picked up the T120 for the first time in his life and threw five consecutive casts over 200′ with a best of 225′ to win the event. I have never topped 200′ in all the years I have been a member!

There were quite a few who turned up just for some instruction and they were all given the Mike Marshall treatment assisted by Roger, Alex, Mark and Steve. The club is very fortunate to have some outstanding coaching talent which has been the backbone of our recent success. While talking about instructing, the club would like to thank Steve for the donation of a five weight rod. It is prove very useful for all the instructing we do these days

 From a personal point of view it was nice to have John Reynolds back and firing on all cylinders and I was especially pleased that all the members willingly joined in to help run casting lanes when asked. Thank you all very much.

 I will probably need to come back and edit some of this when MM has put the results up, I am terrible at remembering names. It’s an age thing.

 Mike Heritage

 Ps. since I wrote the above I have recieved several complimentery messages about the event and I gather so has MM. Thank you, we appreciate it.

New Tricks

Posted by mikeh On October 8th, 2010

This years Brentwood meeting will be used as a dress rehearsal. I would like all competitive members to be involved with the running of the event so that the work load is spread a bit more evenly and everyone has the chance to have a few practice casts before their turn on the mat. The idea is that this meeting will become a championship event, someone will be crowned club champion based on overall performance in all events at the meeting. We hope to add an accuracy component so that those of you who are not necessarily big hitters are in with a chance. I also hope it will give those of us who are not particularly good at some of the events the reason to go out and practice them so that we are at least competant, if not fantastic. I, for instance, might accumulate a good score in the five, seven and accuracy elements only to see my chances fall away because my T38 and T120 are abysmal.

 Instead of all casting one event at a time there will be three lanes, 5,7 and accuracy. The person who draws No1 will start on the five and move straight onto the seven and then the accuracy. Three minutes for each event.  The person drawn No2 casts the five as No 1 casts the seven and so on. After the draw those that are first off can go away for a ten minute warm up. Those drawn last will be asked to be time and lane judges. Your places will be taken by those finishing their events so that you will have your chance to warm up before you cast.

There will be a short break after the first three events while we organise the lanes for the heavier events and then we start the whole thing again with the T38 and T120. The nine weight will only be included if we seem to have the time .

 This is really a taster to see how it works so please bear with us.

 See you Sunday

 Mike H

 PS. I have Tomo’s report on the recent world championships in Norway and will put it up after Sunday