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Results – Dodleston, Cheshire. 19/03/22

Posted by tracy On March 21st, 2022

In a change to the normal calendar order the Dodleston event kicked off this year’s BFCC season. I think everyone agrees that this is an excellent venue for casting with its wide open field. Worries about the March UK weather disappeared with the forecast of a beautiful sunny day and the competitors were thankful for a steady, brisk wind also (but perhaps not for the accuracy event). The competition kicked off with the difficult (given the side wind for some targets) accuracy event. The T38, S55 and T120 were next up, followed by the #5, #7 and ST27 after a refreshment break. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 136.01; Nick Moore 119.10; Steve Parkes 118.03; Mike Heritage 104.03; George Clarke 96.10; Tracy Thomas 95.04; Andy Henderson 90.07; Stuart Tod 89.09; Matt Clarke 87.10; Nigel Conlon 81.09; John Lomas 76.01.

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 150.00; Steve Parkes 134.09; Nick Moore 133.05; Mike Heritage 124.10; Tracy Thomas 123.04; Stuart Tod 103.06; George Clarke 103.05; Andy Henderson 101.10; Matt Clarke 100.01; John Lomas 95.06.

B100 (#5 + #7): Nick Moore 253.03; George Clarke (Junior) 200.03; Andy Henderson 192.05; Matt Clarke 187.11; John Lomas 171.07.

ST27: James Evans 177.03; Nick Moore 159.11; Mike Heritage 157.02; Steve Parkes 154.03; Stuart Tod 151.06; Tracy Thomas 146.07; Matt Clarke 141.05; George Clarke 121.03; Andy Henderson 99.00.

S55: James Evans 230.00; Mike Heritage 186.05; Steve Parkes 181.07; Tracy Thomas 177.07; Stuart Tod 165.08; Nick Moore 163.02; Matt Clarke 124.00; Andy Henderson 123.09; George Clarke 106.04.

T38: Stuart Tod 188.10; James Evans 186.10; Nick Moore 165.01; Mike Heritage 165.00; Steve Parkes 158.04; Matt Clarke 155.00; Tracy Thomas 144.07; George Clarke 134.03; Andy Henderson 118.04.

T120: James Evans 239.05; Stuart Tod 222.09; Steve Parkes 215.00; Tracy Thomas 189.07; Nick Moore 188.10; Mike Heritage 182.04; Matt Clarke 161.04; Andy Henderson 149.02; George Clarke 127.09.

Accuracy (points): James Evans 39; Nick Moore 30; Stuart Tod 28; Tracy Thomas 23; Steve Parkes 20; George Clarke 14; Matt Clarke 12; John Lomas 8.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 8, 2nd Nick Moore 23, 3rd Steve Parkes 25.

Records: James Evans takes the #5 S50 record from Kei and the ST27 S50 record from Ross. He also extended his overall records in the #7 (taking the #7 S50 at the same time) and Salmon S55. Mike Heritage extended his V70 records in the ST27 and Salmon S55 as well as beating the S70 T38 record previously held by Mike Marshall. Tracy Thomas extended her overall women’s record in the ST27, Salmon S55 and T120 as well as setting a number of S50 age records.

Badges: George Clarke (aged 14) was delighted to get a 40 yard badge casting the ST27 and Roy Lemmon was equally pleased with his 25 yard badge – well done to both.