Results – Bentley, Essex. 01/10/23

Posted by tracy On December 11th, 2023

The last BFCC competition of the year was held in balmy warm conditions for the start of October with a light, but as always slightly inconsistent, south-westerly breeze. Many thanks to all the competitors, especially those who had travelled from the Netherlands to take part and to Jose in Spain for his virtual entry. As per the usual agenda the accuracy event was cast first followed by the ‘heavy’ gear – the S55, T38 and T120. After a short lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast. As always the following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 131.00; Nick Moore 130.10; James Evans 128.00; Mike Heritage 119.02; Tracy Thomas 118.10; Callum Bright 117.11; Howard Bishop 113.01; Arie Ruitenburg 112.01; John Reynolds 111.11; Richard Zijdeman 106.04.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 125.00

#7 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 144.09; James Evans 137.02; Nick Moore 135.05; Mike Heritage 126.05; John Reynolds 126.04; Howard Bishop 124.02; Callum Bright 119.02; Arie Ruitenburg 118.00; Tracy Thomas 117.07; Richard Zijdeman 114.02.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 130.11

ST27: John Reynolds 162.09*; James Evans 162.03; Arie Ruitenburg 142.06; Bart De Zwaan 141.02; Tracy Thomas 139.10; Mike Heritage 135.03; Howard Bishop 133.09; Nick Moore 131.05; Richard Zijdeman 127.00; Callum Bright 126.00.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 132.6

S55: James Evans 206.10; Arie Ruitenburg 179.00; Tracy Thomas 177.11; Bart De Zwaan 177.08; John Reynolds 177.02; Nick Moore 175.06; Mike Heritage 171.02; Howard Bishop 170.05; Callum Bright 163.05.

T38: John Reynolds 186.09*; James Evans 164.03; Bart De Zwaan 159.10; Mike Heritage 146.01; Tracy Thomas 138.00; Nick Moore 137.07; Arie Ruitenburg 137.01; Howard Bishop 132.10; Callum Bright 132.00.

T120: James Evans 221.04; Mike Heritage 187.03*; Bart De Zwaan 172.06; Howard Bishop 168.09; John Reynolds 157.24; Tracy Thomas 154.02; Arie Ruitenburg 149.00; Nick Moore 145.03.

Accuracy (points): Bart De Zwaan 53; Nick Moore 47; Mike Heritage 42; James Evans 42; Arie Ruitenburg 41; John Reynolds 38; Tracy Thomas 29 ; Callum Bright 26; Howard Bishop 22; Richard Zijdeman 14.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 15; 2nd Bart de Zwaan 17; 3rd Mike Heritage 30.

Records*: Having just had a big birthday, John Reynolds beat the V70 ST27 and T38 records. Mike Heritage also beat the T120 record in the same age category. Well done both.

Results – Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire. 19/08/23

Posted by tracy On August 26th, 2023

A second BFCC competition event on the run with a low turn-out of competitors. Many thanks to those who braved the weather and to those who entered the various disciplines virtually (mostly from Australia). The wind at Ashford cricket club was incredibly swirly – a bit like throwing a fly line into a washing machine and hoping it would come out straight. Distances were seriously affected as a result of this. As always the following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 126.08; Tracy Thomas 108.02; Callum Bright 107.01; Stewart Ross 103.09; Stephen Linley 71.00
Virtual entry: Mike Duzynski 127.11; Corey Heath 96.00; Chris Baty 87.08

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 124.04; Callum Bright 113.01; Tracy Thomas 111.08; Stewart Ross 111.03 Stephen Linley 79.09
Virtual entry: John Reynolds 136.04

ST27: James Evans 131.10; Callum Bright 123.01; Tracy Thomas 119.06; Stewart Ross 118.04; Stephen Linley 101.09
Virtual entry: Mike Duzynski 149.03; John Reynolds 147.10

S55: James Evans 170.04; Stewart Ross 160.09; Callum Bright 146.03; Tracy Thomas 143.07

T38: James Evans 160.05; Stewart Ross 139.02; Tracy Thomas 129.08; Callum Bright 129.03
Virtual entry: Corey Heath 156.01; Chris Baty 155.06; Mark Cuthbert 150.01

T120: James Evans 196.11; Stewart Ross 164.08; Tracy Thomas 143.00
Virtual entry: Chris Baty 185.05; Mark Cuthbert 159.01

Accuracy (points): Tracy Thomas 34; James Evans 32; Mike Heritage 27; Callum Bright 22; Stewart Ross 15

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 8; 2nd Tracy Thomas 19; 3rd Callum Bright 22.

Results – Bath, Somerset. 22/07/23

Posted by tracy On July 24th, 2023

Unfortunately the forecast of heavy rain for the day meant that the turn out for the competition events was much lower than normal, but many thanks to those that did brave it though. As well as the incessant rain the casters had to deal with a very inconsistent, swirly breeze. They knew it was going to be tough as after 20 minutes of discussion and casting we still hadn’t decided which direction to set the measuring tapes in – it was blowing in different directions depending on where you were stood on the field. As such, casters were often faced with side winds or head winds (or both at once). A decision was taken not to run the accuracy event, mainly because the casters wanted to get into the shelter of the club house for a coffee at that point! As always the following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 125.04; Mike Heritage 105.11; Tracy Thomas 100.11; Stewart Ross 98.00; Howard Bishop 97.08.
Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 123.06, Chris Baty 80.06

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 125.00; Howard Bishop 107.09; Stewart Ross 106.02; Mike Heritage 105.10; Tracy Thomas 101.00
Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 128.10

ST27: James Evans 135.05; Stewart Ross 126.02; Tracy Thomas 122.04; Mike Heritage118.05; Howard Bishop 117.01

S55: Howard Bishop 168.00; Stewart Ross 157.00; James Evans 148.10; Tracy Thomas 146.11

T38: James Evans 159.01; Stewart Ross 133.08; Howard Bishop 127.09; Tracy Thomas 123.00

T120: James Evans 195.10; Stewart Ross 173.02; Tracy Thomas 164.04; Howard Bishop 154.04
Virtual entry: Chris Baty 214.02

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 9; 2nd Stewart Ross 16; 3rd Howard Bishop 21.

Results – Dodleston, Cheshire. 25/06/23

Posted by tracy On June 26th, 2023

The second Dodleston BFCC competition of the year was arranged to coincide with the World Fly Fishing Day and the SIM fly fishing festival in Castel di Sangro, Italy. The morning weather was bright with a steady breeze, however the forecast was for heavy rain later so the competition events proceeded at a pace to try and ensure the casters didn’t get a soaking. This didn’t work and the casters did get caught in a torrential downpour. When the rain arrived the wind also performed a complete 180 degree shift in the space of only a couple of minutes – obviously some results were affected by this shift, although the tapes were switched mid-competition to try and save some from being massively disadvantaged. As always the following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 129.05; Steve Parkes 124.05; Andrew Bagshaw 120.02; Callum Bright 116.02; Howard Bishop 112.11; Stewart Ross 106.10; Tracy Thomas 104.08; Nigel Conlon 82.06.

#7 Trout Distance: Howard Bishop 132.07; James Evans 130.02; Andrew Bagshaw 130.00; Steve Parkes 123.11; Callum Bright 123.08; Stewart Ross 118.00; Tracy Thomas 111.11; Nigel Conlon 83.06.

John Reynolds (Virtual entry) 136.06

ST27: Steve Parkes 159.03; Callum Bright 153.05; Andrew Bagshaw 144.05; James Evans 137.07; Stewart Ross 137.00; Howard Bishop 134.02; Tracy Thomas 133.10.

John Reynolds (Virtual entry) 162.07

S55: James Evans 206.11; Stewart Ross 202.02; Steve Parkes 186.11; Tracy Thomas 185.00; Stuart Todd 178.07; Callum Bright 164.02; Andrew Bagshaw 160.00; Howard Bishop 159.05.

John Reynolds (Virtual entry) 168.10

T38: James Evans 181.04; Stuart Todd 168.09; Steve Parkes 165.11; Andrew Bagshaw 163.08; Stewart Ross 156.03; Tracy Thomas 156.02; Howard Bishop 146.11; Callum Bright 142.11.

John Reynold (Virtual Entry) 168.04

T120: James Evans 226.06; Stuart Todd 206.00; Steve Parkes 205.08; Stewart Ross 184.09; Howard Bishop 178.07; Andrew Bagshaw 164.09; Tracy Thomas 154.08; Callum Bright 127.06.

Accuracy (points): James Evans 58; Callum Bright 42; Steve Parkes 40; Tracy Thomas 37; Stuart Todd 32; Howard Bishop 31; Stewart Ross 21; Andrew Bagshaw 13

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 11; 2nd Steve Parkes 19; 3rd Andrew Bagshaw 34.

Records: In his last meeting as an under 18 year old, Callum Bright broke the J17 #5 trout distance, Salmon Overhead S55, Accuracy and ST27 records. Stewart Ross became only the 2nd caster to exceed 200ft in a BFCC S55 event, taking the S60 record in doing so. Tracy Thomas also produced a great cast in the S55 to beat her overall and S50 records, she also extended her T38 S50 record. Well done all.

Results – Willesborough, Kent. 28/05/23

Posted by tracy On June 4th, 2023

Another BFCC competition where there was a decent wind blowing, but as is typical of cricket grounds surrounded by trees the direction was somewhat variable. This became so much of an issue that for the afternoon session each casting position had two tapes arranged in a ‘Vee’ – the caster then nominated which of the tapes they would cast down prior to the clock starting. It should also be pointed out that the accuracy court was set up in the apparent lee of the club house – this proved to be a mistake as the building amplified the swirly nature of the conditions, resulting in lower than normal scoring in the event.
The competition started off with accuracy followed by the T38, S55 and T120 events. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast with the dual tape layout. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Nick Moore 131.10; Bart De Zwaan 130.10; James Evans 130.01; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 126.00; Kei Okamoto 120.05; Mike Heritage 120.04; Mick Copeman 118.04; Tracy Thomas 115.11; Howard Bishop 101.07; Andrew Bagshaw 98.06; Corey Heath (Virtual Entry) 88.09; Chris Baty (Virtual Entry) 76.00.

#7 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 153.02; James Evans 144.10; Kei Okamoto 135.03; Nick Moore 134.06; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 132.05; Howard Bishop 121.10; Andrew Bagshaw 119.03; Tracy Thomas 109.11; Mick Copeman 109.01.

ST27: Kei Okamoto 164.00; James Evans 163.01; Bart De Zwaan 159.00; Mick Copeman 153.05; Howard Bishop 146.09; Tracy Thomas 146.04 ; Andrew Bagshaw 138.11; Nick Moore 133.02.

S55: James Evans 218.11; Kei Okamoto 193.09; Bart De Zwaan 191.00; Tracy Thomas 176.06; Mick Copeman 167.09; Howard Bishop 167.03; Andrew Bagshaw 160.11; Nick Moore 156.01.

T38: James Evans 182.03; Andrew Bagshaw 177.08; Bart De Zwaan 169.04; Kei Okamoto 165.03; Nick Moore 157.06; Mick Copeman 148.07; Tracy Thomas 146.02; Howard Bishop 137.02.

T120: Kei Okamoto 227.06; James Evans 216.00; Bart De Zwaan 212.02; Tracy Thomas 183.09; Howard Bishop 169.09; Andrew Bagshaw 163.04.

Accuracy (points): Mike Heritage 38; Kei Okamoto 34; Bart De Zwaan 33 ; Nick Moore 28; Tracy Thomas 24; James Evans 19; Howard Bishop 13; Andrew Bagshaw 8.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 17; 2nd Kei Okamoto 17; 3rd Bart de Zwaan 18.

  • Placing determined by countback of 1st and 2nd positions in individual events.

Records: Bart De Zwaan beat the senior and overall #7 record. Mick Copeman extended his ST27 and S55 V80 records. Finally Tracy Thomas added a couple of feet to her woman’s S50 T38 record. Well done all.

Results – Dodleston, Cheshire. 25/03/23

Posted by tracy On March 28th, 2023

The first BFCC competition of 2023 took place in the kind of wind strength that distance casters dream of (certainly at the BFCC). However unlike the forecast which said it would be from a fixed direction, it was swinging regularly meaning that some got extremely tough sessions with an on the shoulder wind. At other times the wind was so extreme from the other side that keeping the cast anywhere near the tape was very difficult. The competition started off with the T38, S55 and T120 events. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast and finally we finished off with the accuracy competition. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 131.10; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 126.03; Steve Parkes 124.10; James Evans 114.06; Mick Copeman 114.00; Tracy Thomas 113.00; Callum Bright 107.07; Stewart Ross 102.05; Andrew Bagshaw 85.08.

#7 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 147.05; James Evans 137.06; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 132.02; Steve Parkes 127.00; Andrew Bagshaw 125.01; Stewart Ross 117.10; Mick Copeman 112.08; Callum Bright 111.05; Tracy Thomas 106.11.

ST27: Bart De Zwaan 159.00; Steve Parkes 156.06; Stewart Ross 153.08; James Evans 150.01; Callum Bright 145.06; Mick Copeman 142.02; Andrew Bagshaw 135.00; Stuart Tod 130.09; Tracy Thomas 123.02

S55: Bart De Zwaan 198.10; Steve Parkes 190.11; James Evans 190.00; Stuart Tod 176.08; Stewart Ross 172.00; Tracy Thomas 160.09; Mick Copeman 146.09; Andrew Bagshaw 133.10.

T38: Bart De Zwaan 181.08; James Evans 171.07; Steve Parkes 169.06; Andrew Bagshaw 168.09; Stewart Ross 161.00; Stuart Tod 153.09; Callum Bright 150.11; Tracy Thomas 144.00.

T120: Steve Parkes 216.11; James Evans 207.02; Stuart Tod 189.04; Tracy Thomas 181.08; Stewart Ross 175.10; Bart De Zwaan 160.01; Andrew Bagshaw 157.04.

Accuracy (points): Bart De Zwaan 43; James Evans 38; Mike Heritage 34; Tracy Thomas 32; Steve Parkes 24; Stuart Tod 19; Andrew Bagshaw 18; Stewart Ross 9; Callum Bright 1.

Overall event (points): 1st Bart de Zwaan 12; 2nd Steve Parkes 18; 3rd James Evans 18.

Records: Bart De Zwaan beat the senior #7 record (although the overall record is still held by James). Callum Bright broke the J17 ST27 record on his debut at the BFCC. Finally the ever youthful Mick Copeman claimed the previously open V80 records in #5, #7, ST27 and S55. Well done all.

Results – Bentley, Essex. 01/10/22

Posted by tracy On October 4th, 2022

The last BFCC competition of the year took place in a reasonable breeze but one that switched from left to right at regular intervals, but most casters got a reasonable direction at some point during their allotted time. The competition started off with the accuracy event followed by the T38, S55 and T120. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast in the afternoon. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 137.08; Nick Moore 131.00; Mick Copeman 123.06; Kei Okamoto 120.06; Tracy Thomas 119.11; John Reynolds 117.10; James Evans 116.02; Mike Heritage 112.08; Howard Bishop 107.07; Andy Miller 83.00.

#7 Trout Distance: Nick Moore 143.01; Bart De Zwaan 140.10; James Evans 138.10; Kei Okamoto 135.02; Mike Heritage 134.08; Tracy Thomas 127.00; Howard Bishop 124.04; Mick Copeman 122.10; John Reynolds 122.06; Andy Miller 90.09.

ST27: John Reynolds 160.03; Bart De Zwaan 152.07; Kei Okamoto 144.09; James Evans 138.02; Nick Moore 138.01; Mick Copeman 136.02; Andy Miller 131.00; Tracy Thomas 130.10; Mike Heritage 127.08; Howard Bishop 125.06.

S55: James Evans 206.05; Kei Okamoto 191.04; Bart De Zwaan 180.07; John Reynolds 171.10; Mick Copeman 161.00; Tracy Thomas 159.10; Nick Moore 159.08; Howard Bishop 156.03; Mike Heritage 151.01; Dominic Hewitt 126.04; Andy Miller 117.01.

T38: John Reynolds 178.04; James Evans 177.02; Bart De Zwaan 171.00; Nick Moore 167.08; Andy Miller 162.03; Howard Bishop 152.00; Mike Heritage 133.00; Dominic Hewitt 120.02; Tracy Thomas 113.08.

T120: James Evans 237.00; Andy Miller 199.06; Bart De Zwaan 185.06; Mike Heritage 185.00; Tracy Thomas 169.03; Howard Bishop 158.05; Nick Moore 157.03; Dominic Hewitt 145.09.

Accuracy (points): Nick Moore 44; James Evans 40; Kei Okamoto 39; John Reynolds 35; Bart De Zwaan 33; Mike Heritage 27; Howard Bishop 20; Tracy Thomas 17.

Overall event (points): 1st Bart de Zwaan 19; 2nd James Evans 20; 3rd Nick Moore 27.

Records: Tracy extended her senior (50) #5 and #7 Trout Distance records.

Results – Jersey, Channel Islands. 11/09/22

Posted by tracy On September 15th, 2022

After a three year break due to the Covid pandemic the BFCC returned to Jersey for a weekend of fishing and casting. The event was held in gloriously sunny conditions with a steady, but swirly breeze. The competition started off with the accuracy event followed by the T38, S55 and T120. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast in the afternoon. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 125.06; Ross Bannerman 125.00; Kevin White 120.02; Tracy Thomas 111.11; Michael Petterson 85.04; DC Swart 82.01; Bob McGinnigle 70.06; Luke Kilwin 59.00.

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 142.05; Ross Bannerman 127.07; Tracy Thomas 124.05 ; Kevin White 123.05; Michael Petterson 96.08; Bob McGinnigle 82.03; DC Swart 79.08; Luke Kilwin 60.09.

B100 (#5 + #7): Michael Petterson 182.00; DC Swart 161.09; Bob McGinnigle 152.09; Luke Kilwin 119.09

ST27: James Evans 164.03; Tracy Thomas 144.01; Kevin White 131.09; Ross Bannerman 130.10; Michael Petterson 105.07; Bob McGinnigle 82.01; DC Swart 60.06; Luke Kilwin 59.08.

S55: James Evans 205.10; Tracy Thomas 167.05; Ross Bannerman 159.09; Kevin White 136.10; Bob McGinnigle 118.00; Luke Kilwin 112.05; Bob Mallet 109.10; DC Swart 105.08.

T38: James Evans 182.02; Kevin White 154.01; Ross Bannerman 153.06; Tracy Thomas 132.00; DC Swart 108.00.

T120: James Evans 229.08; Kevin White 173.02; Tracy Thomas 161.02; Ross Bannerman 151.00; Bob McGinnigle 144.06.

Accuracy (points): Ross Bannerman 53; James Evans 47; Kevin White 42; Tracy Thomas 29; Bob McGinnigle 21; Cameron 11.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 8; 2nd Ross Bannerman 19; 3rd Kevin White 21.

Records: Tracy extended her senior (50) #5 Trout Distance record.

Results – Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire. 11/06/22

Posted by tracy On June 13th, 2022

The weather forecast for the Derbyshire event held the prospect of some record breaking casts given the strong breeze predicted, however it was apparent that this was not going to be an easy day for the competitors when the direction switched three times in the time it took to set out the accuracy rings. As the day proceeded the wind turned out to be very problematic with all events affected by a combination of headwinds, shearing winds and flat calms. The competition started off with the accuracy event and then, after much head scratching when discussing the best casting direction, the tapes were set out for the T38, S55 and T120. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast in the afternoon. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 112.09; Kei Okamoto 112.04; Tracy Thomas 107.11; Mike Heritage 104.08; Stewart Ross 103.03; Mick Copeman 100.06; Stephen Lindley 75.01.

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 125.09; Tracy Thomas 124.00; Mike Heritage 118.11; Kei Okamoto 108.08; Stewart Ross 106.09; Mick Copeman 104.09; Stephen Lindley 76.04.

ST27: James Evans 149.07; Kei Okamoto 135.06; Mick Copeman 131.01; Tracy Thomas 123.05; Mike Heritage 119.09; Stewart Ross 117.02; Stephen Lindley 90.02.

S55: James Evans 175.03; Kei Okamoto 165.04; Stewart Ross 154.02; Mick Copeman 153.06; Tracy Thomas 149.07; Mike Heritage 128.06.

T38: James Evans 175.09; Mike Heritage 152.08; Stewart Ross 137.11; Tracy Thomas 136.03.

T120: James Evans 191.08; Mike Heritage 175.00; Stewart Ross 162.05; Tracy Thomas 146.01.

Accuracy (points): Kei Okamoto 50; Mike Heritage 45; Tracy Thomas 43; James Evans 43; Mark Pywell 29; Ian Griffin 16.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 10; 2nd Kei Okamoto 21; 3rd Mike Heritage 24.

Records: Tracy beat her senior (50) accuracy record and Mike Heritage beat the V70 accuracy best.

Results – Willesborough, Kent. 22/05/22

Posted by tracy On May 26th, 2022

The Willesborough event had a distinctly international feel with competitors attending from Spain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands – a huge ‘thank you’ to all who travelled so far to attend. Although lovely and warm, the weather on the competition day was not ideal with a variable breeze that was blowing in different directions at the same time according to the flags placed in the casting lanes. As such, the results were influenced somewhat by whether the caster got lucky (or unlucky) with the breeze. The competition started off with the accuracy event followed by the T38, S55 and T120. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast in the afternoon. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: James Evans 128.02; Jose Nieto 124.07; Bart de Zwaan 121.04; Jerome Savril-Maillard 120.09; Mick Copeman 119.05; Laurent K 119.02; Malik Mazbouri 115.07; Tracy Thomas 110.10; Francois Bietry 108.09; Howard Bishop 103.07; Mike Heritage 95.01.

#7 Trout Distance: James Evans 132.08; Jerome Savril-Maillard 129.03; Bart de Zwaan 127.00; Mick Copeman 124.00; Laurent K 124.00; Tracy Thomas 121.05; Malik Mazbouri 120.07; Mike Heritage 119.00; Jose Nieto 115.07; Francois Bietry 107.04; Howard Bishop 101.11.

ST27: James Evans 138.10; Jerome Savril-Maillard 133.07; Laurent K 133.04; Francois Bietry 128.02; Howard Bishop 127.04; Tracy Thomas 126.05; Bart de Zwaan 124.05; Mick Copeman 118.01; Mike Heritage 115.00.

S55: Bart de Zwaan 197.11; James Evans 177.08; Tracy Thomas 158.04; Laurent K 155.03; Mick Copeman 150.02; Howard Bishop 146.07; Jerome Savril-Maillard 146.00; Francois Bietry 135.04; Mike Heritage 119.07.

T38: James Evans 165.08; Jerome Savril-Maillard 163.05; Malik Mazbouri 158.00; Bart de Zwaan 153.08; Francois Bietry 145.04; Laurent K 145.01; Howard Bishop 142.11; Mike Heritage 141.01; Tracy Thomas 128.08.

T120: Francois Bietry 220.01; James Evans 193.07; Jerome Savril-Maillard 182.05; Bart de Zwaan 180.04; Howard Bishop 171.04; Laurent K 159.07; Mike Heritage 159.04; Tracy Thomas 148.10.

Accuracy (points): Jerome Savril-Maillard 54; Bart de Zwaan 51; James Evans 51; Francois Bietry 45; Laurent K 43; Mike Heritage 41; Tracy Thomas 35; Howard Bishop 15.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 11, 2nd Jerome Savril-Maillard 22, 3rd Bart de Zwaan 24.

Records: Tracy extended the women’s senior 50 #5 trout distance record as well as claiming the Senior 50 accuracy best.