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Posted by mikeh On March 11th, 2011

It has come to our notice that we (I) missed a couple of important events in my report from Newark. It transpires that the casts that Carl Malpass made in the five and seven events were class records, the J17 #5 now stands at an impressive 113′ and the J17 #7 now stands at a mighty 131′ 3”.

Well done Carl, I’m sorry we didn’t spot them sooner.

Mike H

Newark 2011

Posted by mikeh On March 1st, 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It was our gazebo….or nearly. That sums up the weather at Newark. Apart from a very cold and calm early Sunday morning it was wind, wind and rain or wind and hail, and bloody, bloody cold, and after the gazebo went for a flying lesson we were left unprotected from the elements. Did that dampen our enthusiasm? Not a bit, we carried on regardless. We are a hardy lot at the BFCC….. apart from Roger…..who made the pitiful excuse he was needed on the stand….inside… the warm.

 I think our first show of the year should be somewhere warm and exotic, like the Caribbean, but until that happens it will be Newark in February, the Palm Springs of the Midlands.

 Despite the weather the BFCC once again had a very successful show. We were kept busy by a constant stream of people wanting to improve their casting or those that just wanted to see what fly casting was all about. Our new B100 class proved very popular in the competition we had on Saturday. In fact Alan Bath fell only 6” short of having to join the elite casters. Carl Malpass hit a superb cast to win the seven weight and I managed to finally hook one up to pip Carl in the five. Carl will have to get out and practice more though because his father Ian can now double haul like a demon and will be catching him up soon.

 We had the annual invasion of the Walkers with Chris and Richard sucking up as much instruction as they could and father Dave didn’t break one of my rods….for a change.

 I would like to thank Mark Surtees and Steve Kemp for their unflinching efforts in the face of some very inclement weather. I would also like to thank Roger and Tracy for bringing in the punters (a special thanks to Tracy for giving a poor, cold, old man a cuddle when he needed it most) [Roger did offer, but it wouldn’t have been the same]. A big thanks to James and Tracy who have brought us into the 21st century by creating a computer program that is a whizz at the recording and placing of competitors in our competitions. Thanks also to Alan and Wendy Bath who helped organised and record the competition. It was especially nice to see Wendy looking so well after recent events. MM, as always, inspires us to keep going. Thanks to non BFCC instructors who joined in and who’s brains I shamelessly picked. Special mention for Steve Yeoman who popped in for some advice from MM and we roped in to help with the instruction.

If  I have missed anyone I’m sorry.

By the way, we were missing out official photographer, Terry Jenner, and none of us thought to take any pics. If you did take some could you email them to me for the gallery please

Mike H


Posted by mike On March 1st, 2011

The competition took place in less than ideal conditions, with a fluctuating north wind, overcast skies and showers. However, there were some sparkling casting performances to brighten the day, particularly by young Carl Malpas, Mike Heritage and Alan Bath. It was also very good to be able to welcome Roger Enger Lie from Norway.

The results were as follows:

#5 – Mike Heritage 125′ 8″, Carl Malpass 113′, James Evans 111′ 8″, Steve Kemp 105′ 9″, Andy Hutson 102′, Roger Enger Lie 99′ 5″, Ian Malpas 93′, Alan Bath 86′ 5″, Tracy Thomas 84′ 4″, David Fisher 82′ 10″, Stephen Lindley 81′ 8″, Richard Walker 76′ 11″, Chris Walker 74′ 9″.

#7 – Carl Malpas 131′ 3″, Mike Heritage 129’1″, James Evans 127′ 6″, Roger Enger Lie 115′, Andy Hutson 106′ 11″Steve Kemp 100′ 9″, Alan Bath 99′ 6″, Ian Malpass 92′ 4″, Stephen Lindley 88′ 10″, Chris Walker 87′ 5″, Tracy Thomas 87′ 1″, David Fisher 83′, Richard Walker 81′ 3″.

B100 (#5 + #7) – Alan Bath 185′ 11″, Ian Malpass 185′ 4″, Tracy Thomas 171′ 5″, Stephen Lindley 170′ 6″, David Fisher 165′ 10″, Chris Walker 162′ 2″, Richard Walker 158′ 2″.

Distance Badges were achieved as follows – 30yd Philip Pledger, Alan Bath, Mike Smith.  35yd Steven Petersen, Roger Enger Lie. Congratulations to you all!!