At all BFCC Meetings FREE tuition is provided for Full Members. All The BFCC needs to know is that you are planning to attend and would like help.  Our Meetings provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere that makes it easier to learn and improve your casting technique. Plus you get a chance to chat with experts about all things casting, tackle and fishing.

With regular tuition, even only a few times a year, your casting can improve and correspondingly so could your fishing success.  The tuition is aimed to support you in your personal goals whether to improve your fishing by being able to cast more effectively in all weather conditions, casting further, or perhaps even striving for maximum competition distances.

To provide personal challenge, we have the ‘go for gold‘ Badge Scheme. The scheme is simple, following tuition, you can cast using your own rod, up to 10ft #7, and line, or a Club outfit if preferred. The caster has a three minute casting session to achieve their longest possible cast that is measured and recorded, which may achieve a ‘Badge’ distance. However, if not, a little more tuition and another ‘measure’ often does. Badges start at 20 yards, rising in 5 yard steps. Hopefully, this experience will inspire casters to practise between BFCC Meetings and so go on to bigger distances, or fish, or both.

For those wishing to enter the various competition events, there will be tuition and tackle advice from some of the finest casters in the UK. BFCC Casting Coaches are not only very knowledgeable and approachable (except when casting please), but they are happy to act as role models with their performances in competition events. Various casting styles, achieving similar results will be on view which is a good thing, since it encourages endless discussion and continued interest in a technically complex and rewarding activity. The main thing about this is that the individual will eventually determine which style best suits them, while being taught the finer points of distance casting in the company of like-minded Club Members.


Mike Heritage  – Ashford, Kent  – contact:

John Reynolds  – Cambridge – contact:  Website:

Alex Titov – London – contact: Russian and Polish spoken      Website:

Mark Surtees – London – contact:

Roger Miles – N.London/Herts. – contact: Website:

Steve Yeomans – Midlands – contact: Website:

Sekhar Bahadur – London – contact:

Trevor Hayman – Hampshire – contact

Mike Marshall – Essex – contact: