Welcome To The Home Of The British Fly Casting Club

The BFCC was formed in 2003, based on traditional fly fishing values with a very modern technical influence, having the following objectives:

  • To provide a sociable Club environment where casters of any ability can maximise their potential, whether it be to better understand tackle, catch more fish, or to cast a long way.
  • Under The Club’s ethos, ‘personal best, not must win’, it is up to individuals to set their own objectives, but with the support of a group of very enthusiastic casters making it fun. This is clearly demonstrated by the BFCC ‘have a go for gold’ Distance Badge Scheme, starting at 25 yards and rising in 5 yard increments.
  • Provide ongoing coaching opportunities for members at all BFCC Meetings, with very reasonable membership fees and generous concessions.
  • Provide very good casting outfits for casters to try out and to use without charge.
  • Set clear and simple rules for all BFCC casting events to ensure the maximum enjoyment of casters.
  • Organise and publicise regional BFCC Meetings, open to any casters, but independent of commercial sponsorship. These will feature the usual BFCC events - The Distance Badge Scheme, Distance Competitions for single handed #5F, #7F, T38 and double handed T120.  There are BFCC Distance Badges and Trophies as reward, but no cash, or equipment, or other prizes.
  • Offer a broad, web-based forum to encourage dialogue between casters to improve knowledge and casting ability.
  • Encourage casters to practise between BFCC Meetings, preferably in pairs or more, to watch each other’s performance and suggest improvements. It is a fact that ‘a watcher sees more of THIS game’.
  • Keep detailed records of casting distances achieved at BFCC Meetings for various age categories, to encourage better casting and, hopefully, keep people casting much longer.

BFCC Management Commitee

MikeMarshall Hon.President

David Fisher Club Secretary & Membership

Tracy Thomas Meeting Statistics & Safety

John Reynolds Coaching

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Special thanks to Paul Brown for The BFCC Logo.

BFCC Committee Associates

Mark Surtees Acting Treasurer

Steve Parkes Meeting Organiser