Results – Bentley, Essex. 01/10/23

The last BFCC competition of the year was held in balmy warm conditions for the start of October with a light, but as always slightly inconsistent, south-westerly breeze. Many thanks to all the competitors, especially those who had travelled from the Netherlands to take part and to Jose in Spain for his virtual entry. As per the usual agenda the accuracy event was cast first followed by the ‘heavy’ gear – the S55, T38 and T120. After a short lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast. As always the following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 131.00; Nick Moore 130.10; James Evans 128.00; Mike Heritage 119.02; Tracy Thomas 118.10; Callum Bright 117.11; Howard Bishop 113.01; Arie Ruitenburg 112.01; John Reynolds 111.11; Richard Zijdeman 106.04.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 125.00

#7 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 144.09; James Evans 137.02; Nick Moore 135.05; Mike Heritage 126.05; John Reynolds 126.04; Howard Bishop 124.02; Callum Bright 119.02; Arie Ruitenburg 118.00; Tracy Thomas 117.07; Richard Zijdeman 114.02.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 130.11

ST27: John Reynolds 162.09*; James Evans 162.03; Arie Ruitenburg 142.06; Bart De Zwaan 141.02; Tracy Thomas 139.10; Mike Heritage 135.03; Howard Bishop 133.09; Nick Moore 131.05; Richard Zijdeman 127.00; Callum Bright 126.00.

Virtual entry: Jose Nieto 132.6

S55: James Evans 206.10; Arie Ruitenburg 179.00; Tracy Thomas 177.11; Bart De Zwaan 177.08; John Reynolds 177.02; Nick Moore 175.06; Mike Heritage 171.02; Howard Bishop 170.05; Callum Bright 163.05.

T38: John Reynolds 186.09*; James Evans 164.03; Bart De Zwaan 159.10; Mike Heritage 146.01; Tracy Thomas 138.00; Nick Moore 137.07; Arie Ruitenburg 137.01; Howard Bishop 132.10; Callum Bright 132.00.

T120: James Evans 221.04; Mike Heritage 187.03*; Bart De Zwaan 172.06; Howard Bishop 168.09; John Reynolds 157.24; Tracy Thomas 154.02; Arie Ruitenburg 149.00; Nick Moore 145.03.

Accuracy (points): Bart De Zwaan 53; Nick Moore 47; Mike Heritage 42; James Evans 42; Arie Ruitenburg 41; John Reynolds 38; Tracy Thomas 29 ; Callum Bright 26; Howard Bishop 22; Richard Zijdeman 14.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 15; 2nd Bart de Zwaan 17; 3rd Mike Heritage 30.

Records*: Having just had a big birthday, John Reynolds beat the V70 ST27 and T38 records. Mike Heritage also beat the T120 record in the same age category. Well done both.

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