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Results – Willesborough, Kent. 27th May 2018

Posted by James Evans On May 28th, 2018

Given the forecast for thundery showers we cant really complain about the weather (although everyone knows that distance casters love to blame the conditions), however it was clammy and hot with a very inconsistent (and swinging) light breeze which made getting the best distances difficult. That said there were some impressive scores achieved, the results below are in feet and inches:

#5F: James Evans 124.01; Kei Okamoto 122.02; Mike Heritage 121.11; Tracy Thomas 116.06; Zhongxiang Zhu 104.07; Keith Jones 98.11 ; Gilliaum Vermeulen 94.05; David Fisher 86.05; Dean Bass 81.07; Mike Shepherd 67.09.

#7F: Kei Okamoto 129.05; Mike Heritage 125.07; James Evans 125.00; Zhongxiang Zhu 118.07; Tracy Thomas 114.09; Dean Bass 109.07; Gilliaum Vermeulen 98.08; David Fisher 95.08; Keith Jones 89.08; Mike Shepherd 66.06.

ST27: James Evans 141.02; Kei Okamoto 139.04; Zhongxiang Zhu 132.08; Tracy Thomas 130.07; Gilliaum Vermeulen 128.11; Mike Heritage 127.05; Dean Bass 126.00; David Fisher 105.00.

S55g: Zhongxiang Zhu 159.11; Mike Heritage 157.00; James Evans 152.03; Kei Okamoto 148.03; Dean Bass 145.09; Tracy Thomas 145.00; Gilliaum Vermeulen 124.03.

T38: Gilliaum Vermeulen 165.11; James Evans 165.08; Dean Bass 160.00; Mike Marshall 154.00; Mike Heritage 142.10; Zhongxiang Zhu 136.07; Tracy Thomas 124.05; David Fisher 118.01.

T120: Gilliaum Vermeulen 191.04; Mike Heritage 181.10; James Evans 178.04; Mike Marshall 169.00; Tracy Thomas 167.06; Dean Bass 155.00; David Fisher 126.04.

Accuracy (points): Kei Okamoto 43; Gilliaum Vermeulen 40; Keith Jones 27; James Evans 27; David Fisher 10; Mike Heritage 8; Dean Bass 7.

Overall Event: 1st James Evans, 2nd Mike Heritage, 3rd Kei Okamoto

Records: Tracy extended the women’s records in #5F, S55g and T120 – really well done, hopefully there’s much more to come in the right conditions. Mike Marshall is also still casting in his 80’s and set a new best in the T38 for this age class – great to see you Mike. Keith Jones also claimed the S50 accuracy record – well done Keith!