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Oswestry 2013

Posted by mikeh On June 18th, 2013

With deep foreboding I drove north. The forecast gave dire warnings of storms,  heavy rain and wind. Deep joy. Even Wendy’s  App proclaimed heavy rain about lunch time. Pretty much none of it happened, yes, the wind was a bit blustery on occasion and we did get a few spots of rain, but that’s all. We did not have to drop our rods and run for cover once.

The wind did cause a few problems for those that CAN’T FORM A LOOP on their back cast (you know who you are) but generally the standard was as good as ever and some good distances were achieved. Wendy Bath proved her womens record from our last event was no fluke by consistently getting into the ninety foot plus bracket. Andrew Bagshaw could be up there with the best if he practiced a bit and Ni Rogers proved you don’t have to have two good legs by hitting some pretty impressive casts from a wheelchair. Tracy Thomas and I increased our respective ST27 records. John Reynolds hit an S60 record in the seven event, nice to see the old boy can still cast a bit.

I would like to mention everyone as they all contributed to a really nice day so please all give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it. As do our hosts who once again excelled themselves by providing us with great refreshments as usual.

Well done those of you that achieved your distance badges and welcome new member Steve Parkes.

Unfortunately I will not be at the Aldermaston event because I will be on holiday and enjoying the benefits of inside information from John Dunmall who has just come back from the same place. Thanks John and well done on your 25yrd badge.

Mike H


Posted by James Evans On June 17th, 2013

Fortunately the forecast of sustained, heavy rain showers was wrong with casters only having to seek shelter once for a brief spell in the afternoon.  The wind would have been almost perfect for big distances if it wasn’t for the swirly nature of it, many back-casts were thrown off-course as a result.

Distances are in feet and inches:

#5F – Mike Heritage 121.04; James Evans 117.05; Andrew Bagshaw 110.05; John Reynolds 108.00; David Fisher 102.07; Paul Brown 97.04; Pat Stevens 96.06; Nigel Conlon 95.01; Mike Helliwell 94.10; Tracy Thomas 93.10; Wendy Bath 92.06; Alan Bath 87.10; John Forbes 83.08; Nigel Rogers 82.07; John Vautier 80.10; John Dunmall 71.03

#7F – John Reynolds 132.02; Mike Heritage 128.11; James Evans 125.06; Andrew Bagshaw 110.08; David Fisher 107.11; Mike Helliwell 100.05; Tracy Thomas 99.02; Nigel Conlon 97.04; Pat Stevens 94.05; Paul Brown 92.03; Wendy Bath 91.00; Alan Bath 90.08; Nigel Rogers 87.08; John Dunmall 82.11; John Vautier 70.01

B100 (#5 + #7) – Mike Helliwell 195.03; Tracy Thomas 193.00; Nigel Conlon 192.05; Pat Stevens 190.11; Paul Brown 189.07; Wendy Bath 183.06; Nigel Rogers 170.03; John Dunmall 154.02; John Vautier 150.11

ST27 – Mike Heritage 155.02; James Evans 151.07; Andrew Bagshaw 146.10; John Reynolds 145.07; Tracy Thomas 129.03; Nigel Conlon 118.08; Paul Brown 116.11; Mike Helliwell 116.06; David Fisher 113.02; Wendy Bath 94.09; Nigel Rogers 84.05; Pat Stevens 83.07; John Vautier 81.10

T38 – John Reynolds 171.07; Andrew Bagshaw 166.07; James Evans 160.10; Paul Brown 143.06; Mike Heritage 137.10; Nigel Conlon 135.07; David Fisher 121.06; Mike Helliwell 120.09; Tracy Thomas 113.02; Wendy Bath 98.09

T120/50 – James Evans 189.07; Andrew Bagshaw 186.09; John Reynolds 175.04; Mike Helliwell 174.01; Mike Heritage 173.02; Mark Surtees 171.08; Paul Brown 151.04; Nigel Conlon 147.11; Tracy Thomas 137.00; David Fisher 127.03

The following records were set / claimed:

John Reynolds: #7F (S60)

Tracy Thomas: Extends her ST27 women’s record

Mike Heritage: Extends his ST27 overall and S60 record

Nigel Conlon: Claims the ST27 S50 record

Distance Badges were achieved by the following:

Nigel Rogers and John Dunmall – 25yds

Nigel Conlon – 45yds

Mike Helliwell – 55yds

Congratulations to all new record holders and badge winners, especially Nigel Rogers who achieved his distance from a seated position.

I Remember When

Posted by mikeh On June 7th, 2013

Yes indeedy, I do remember the day’s when a BFCC meeting consisted of two men and a dog, and sometimes even the dog didn’t turn up. This was one of those rare days for the new and revitalised BFCC when overall turn out was only twelve, which would have been classed as a red letter day five or six years ago. It just goes to show how far we have come in recent years. However the benefits of a relatively small turnout was that it turned into a very relaxed day where several records were broken. For instance; Wendy Bath achieved her ambition of getting into the record books with a cast of 94′ 4” in the five weight, which just pips Sue McNivens  previous record. Tracy Thomas is the Women’s record holder in the new ST27 (27g head event) class. Mick Copeman not only blitzed the B100 class but has recorded V70 bests in the #5, 7 and ST27 events and I managed to pop the ST27 just a bit further than anyone else and get the record for that. I don’t expect it to last long so I will enjoy it while it’s mine.

There were some other notable casts but the one that impressed me (because I had to leap out of the way of it) was Brian Szukala getting the T120 to 195′ and it’s the first time he has cast it. God help us if he actually gets good at it. He was only just beaten by Mike Marshall who, uncharacteristically, didn’t quite get over the 200′ mark.

There were badges for Wendy Bath (30yds) and Brian Szukala (35yds) and Brian also qualified for his 65yd badge.

Surprise of the day was to see Mark Surtees compete in the T120 and T50 D/H events and, seemingly, enjoying it.

You may notice we did cast the T50 event but there isn’t a class for it yet. We have yet to finalise the rules and equipment, mainly the line, yet. Once we do it will become part of the competition.

Many thanks to all those that helped out with marking and timing. Special thanks to Alan Bath for taking over the timing, it’s nice to see him recovering so well from recent illness.

And finally thanks to Willesborough Cricket Club for hosting us and Bobby Ades for providing us with superb refreshments.

We will book the event again for next year so all of you who missed out on some really good casting can come along and see what you missed.



Posted by James Evans On June 5th, 2013

The weather was a pleasant 17°C with a steady breeze.  This event saw the introduction of the Sea Trout competition to the world championship rules.  This uses 27g floating line, configurable to the casters specification, but usually in the form of a shooting-head.

Results are in feet and inches:

#5F – Mike Heritage 123.01;  James Evans 118.06; David Fisher 112.00; Brian Szukala 110.10; Mick Copeman 103.03; Wendy Bath 94.04; Tracy Thomas 90.10; Alan Bath 87.09

#7F – James Evans 131.11; Mick Copeman 121.10; Mike Heritage 118.10; Brian Szukala 107.06; Alan Bath 102.00; David Fisher 98.02; Tracy Thomas 96.03; Wendy Bath 92.10

B100 (#5 + #7) – Mick Copeman 225.01; Brian Szukala 218.04; Wendy Bath 187.02; Tracy Thomas 187.01

ST27 – Mike Heritage 147.08; James Evans 134.07; Tracy Thomas 125.04; Mick Copeman 123.09; Brian Szukala 120.06; David Fisher 117.05; Alan Bath 113.09; Wendy Bath 95.00

T38 – James Evans 170.07; Mike Marshall 159.08; Mike Heritage 146.07; Mark Surtees 140.02; David Fisher 119.10; Brian Szukala 118.05; Tracy Thomas 109.08; Wendy Bath 93.05

T120/50 – Mike Marshall 199.03; Brian Szukala 194.10; James Evans 182.08; Mike Heritage 162.06; Mark Surtees 153.01; Tracy Thomas 139.00; David Fisher 123.00

A number of records were set or beaten:

Wendy Bath – overall record in the #5F

Tracy Thomas – overall record in the ST27

Mick Copeman – #5F (V70), #7F (V70) and ST27 (V70)

Mike Heritage – overall and V60 in the ST27

Distance badges were also earned by Wendy Bath (30yds) and Brian Szukala (35yds)

Many congratulations to all new record holders and badge winners.