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Roadford Lake Reservoir Fly Fair

Posted by mikeh On March 9th, 2014

We are a dedicated  in the BFCC, up at three thirty am for a 250 mile drive down to darkest Devon. Well, it was dark when we left anyway. David Fisher arrived dead on time and we were on the road at four and arrived at Fleet Services, where we were to meet up with Mark Surtees, ahead of schedule with time for a coffee and a sticky bun breakfast. We then set off in convoy down the A303. We passed Stonehenge at dawn and had to turn down a suggestion from Mark that we stop off and dance naked around the stones. Maybe next time…..or not.

We arrived on schedule to be greeted by brilliant sunshine and a dead flat reservoir, a really beautiful sight, especially considering the winter we have just come through. We were met by Ben Smeeth who was organising the Roadford Fly Fair and had invited us to attend. Everything was ready for us and it was just a question of setting up our stand and checking out the casting area, which, apart from being on a 30 deg slope, was fine, except I ended up instructing at the bottom and had a steep climb every time I needed a drink or the loo, while Mark, somehow, bagged prime spot at the top!

The show started at 10am and we had our first client before 10.30 and were kept busy until the area had to be cleared for demonstrations at about 3pm. I did one on distance casting and was followed by Charles Jardine who did a superb one on fishing casts.

Two other BFCC stalwarts were also on the casting field, John Dawson and Alan Barrow. They have been doing a lot of work in helping organise the Cullumpton event that will be happening on Sun 6th April and by what they were telling me it’s going to be a good one.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank David and Mark for making the effort to come down with me, it would have been a near impossible and very less enjoyable day if I had to do it on my own. Thanks guys, I thought we made a brilliant team and I think our efforts during the day were appreciated. And Ben for making us so welcome. Oh, and Devon, for not raining or blowing a gale on us. The sun shines on the righteous they say. We must have been very good boys then.