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Aldermaston July 2014

Posted by mikeh On August 11th, 2014

First of all deepest apologies for the lateness of this report. One thing after another and I forgot.

The weather was nice but the air was heavy and the slight breeze contrary. When there was one it was mostly from behind but as the day progressed it switched round and some of us had a slight headwind for the full line events. Not the best for casting long but Mick Copeman continued his recent run of good form by increasing his V70 T38 record to 143′ 10”.

Despite no big casts it was a fun day, if a bit quiet. Not necessarily a bad thing occasionally because it makes for a very relaxed meeting. No-one had to get the whip out to keep the competition moving along.

Well done to James Evans and Steve Parkes for keeping the winning distances respectable and having a ding dong battle for the event champion, which James eventually won by two points.

Thanks to everyone who came.