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Posted by mike On September 17th, 2014

Well, here goes – this is my first BFCC report as both Mike H and Mike M couldn’t make the trip.

The day started with cloudy, humid weather with little or no breeze – no sign of the predicted 10mph winds, so not a day for records to be set.

Other than a few people from the local area, most people travelled quite far to attend the event! When we turned up at the Sports Ground, the cars overflowed the car park into the rugby pitch and we briefly thought we had one of our best turn-outs ever, until we realised there was also a cycle race happening at Fintry.

It was good to catch up with old friends and make new ones – Joe Roughley came with Angus McLeod and had lessons from several of our instructors during the day and entered her first ever casting competition and won her 20 yard badge, however, in practise she cast 25+ yards. Brian Adam, a local who spotted the event on the web, also joined us  and helped run the competition as well as receiving tuition.

Mike Barrio won the B100 for the last time as his cast over 100ft meant he is promoted to B110. Ally Bremner, this year’s CLA salmon distance winner, joined us and was competitive with the men in the T55 overhead salmon event.

Steve Parkes had a great T120 cast and won – but still the elusive 200ft evades him! It was good to see young James Hek, who is competing with the seniors, hold his own and win the T38 and come 3rd overall – thankfully he brought his dad Jimmy (or should I say his Dad brought him!) who helped out with timing and organising the events. Thanks Jimmy.

Ben Dixon had a great day, winning 7wt, 27g Sea-trout distance, and an event just for Fintry – the 55g overhead salmon event (tackle kindly provided for us to use by Ben); he also came joint first on the 5wt with James Evans with 114ft 10in, but in the shoot-out, Ben beat James. Ben was the overall winner followed by James.

Although we didn’t run the Accuracy event as we ran out of time, we set out the new rings, attempted to get them as round as possible, and some of us cast at them for fun – seemed a good event; took 2-3minutes per person.

Thanks to Alberto Laidlaw for finding the venue and providing tuition early on. Thanks to Brian Szukala for transporting all the gear to the event. Thanks to Fintry Sports Club who have a great venue with good food and drinks and thanks to James, Steve and everyone else for helping me run the event and making it an enjoyable day out.

Next year’s Scottish BFCC will alternate to Aberdeenshire, however, the next BFCC event is in Shenfield on 12th October 2014.



Posted by James Evans On September 15th, 2014

The casting conditions were again not favourable for big distances, very high humidity and pressure combined with the absence of any consistent wind, despite a 10mph easterly being forecast, made things tough.  The T38, T120 and 55g overhead salmon outfits were cast in the morning followed by the #5F, #7F and sea trout distance 27g outfits in the afternoon.

All distances are in feet and inches:

#5F – Ben Dixon 114.10*; James Evans 114.10*; James Hek 109.07; Steve Parkes 107.10; Kevin Muir 104.04; Brian Szukala 104.02; Tracy Thomas 96.04; Mike Barrio 89.09; Angus Mcleod 82.01; Brian Adam 77.05; Joe Roughley 72.01

*Ben Dixon won the shoot-out

#7F – Ben Dixon 125.10; James Hek 121.09; James Evans 121.00; Kevin Muir 117.03; Steve Parkes 116.01; Brian Szukala 105.06; Tracy Thomas 105.02; Mike Barrio 104.01; Brian Adam 95.10; Joe Roughley 65.04

B100 (#5F + #7F) – Mike Barrio 193.10; Brian Adam 173.03; Joe Roughley 137.05

Sea trout 27g – Ben Dixon 143.10; James Hek 143.04; Kevin Muir 129.09; James Evans 127.00; Tracy Thomas 121.03; Mike Barrio 117.08; Steve Parkes 113.01; Brian Szukala 107.05; Brian Adam 95.07; Ally Bremner 75.40

55g Salmon Overhead – Ben Dixon 166.06; James Evans 151.09; Kevin Muir 149.10; James Hek 149.09; Ally Bremner 148.06; Brian Szukala 145.08; Steve Parkes 128.10; Mike Barrio 127.10; Tracy Thomas 117.11

T38 – James Hek 161.02; Ben Dixon 157.10; James Evans 147.01; Kevin Muir 141.11; Brian Szukala 135.02; Mike Barrio 122.02; Steve Parkes 119.10; Tracy Thomas 110.09; Ally Bremner 92.06

T120 – Steve Parkes 197.05; Ben Dixon 189.09; James Evans 188.04; Kevin Muir 182.06; James Hek 170.11; Brian Szukala 165.07; Tracy Thomas 147.03; Mike Barrio 146.03; Ally Bremner 145.02

Overall Position (Points) – Ben Dixon 8; James Evans 16; James Hek 17; Kevin Muir 23; Steve Parkes 31; Brian Szukala 37; Tracy Thomas 43; Mike Barrio 44

Joe Roughley achieved her 20 yard badge (although she did cast over 25yds in practice) – very well done.