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Results – Dodleston, Cheshire. 25/03/23

Posted by tracy On March 28th, 2023

The first BFCC competition of 2023 took place in the kind of wind strength that distance casters dream of (certainly at the BFCC). However unlike the forecast which said it would be from a fixed direction, it was swinging regularly meaning that some got extremely tough sessions with an on the shoulder wind. At other times the wind was so extreme from the other side that keeping the cast anywhere near the tape was very difficult. The competition started off with the T38, S55 and T120 events. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast and finally we finished off with the accuracy competition. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 131.10; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 126.03; Steve Parkes 124.10; James Evans 114.06; Mick Copeman 114.00; Tracy Thomas 113.00; Callum Bright 107.07; Stewart Ross 102.05; Andrew Bagshaw 85.08.

#7 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 147.05; James Evans 137.06; Jose Nieto (Virtual Entry) 132.02; Steve Parkes 127.00; Andrew Bagshaw 125.01; Stewart Ross 117.10; Mick Copeman 112.08; Callum Bright 111.05; Tracy Thomas 106.11.

ST27: Bart De Zwaan 159.00; Steve Parkes 156.06; Stewart Ross 153.08; James Evans 150.01; Callum Bright 145.06; Mick Copeman 142.02; Andrew Bagshaw 135.00; Stuart Tod 130.09; Tracy Thomas 123.02

S55: Bart De Zwaan 198.10; Steve Parkes 190.11; James Evans 190.00; Stuart Tod 176.08; Stewart Ross 172.00; Tracy Thomas 160.09; Mick Copeman 146.09; Andrew Bagshaw 133.10.

T38: Bart De Zwaan 181.08; James Evans 171.07; Steve Parkes 169.06; Andrew Bagshaw 168.09; Stewart Ross 161.00; Stuart Tod 153.09; Callum Bright 150.11; Tracy Thomas 144.00.

T120: Steve Parkes 216.11; James Evans 207.02; Stuart Tod 189.04; Tracy Thomas 181.08; Stewart Ross 175.10; Bart De Zwaan 160.01; Andrew Bagshaw 157.04.

Accuracy (points): Bart De Zwaan 43; James Evans 38; Mike Heritage 34; Tracy Thomas 32; Steve Parkes 24; Stuart Tod 19; Andrew Bagshaw 18; Stewart Ross 9; Callum Bright 1.

Overall event (points): 1st Bart de Zwaan 12; 2nd Steve Parkes 18; 3rd James Evans 18.

Records: Bart De Zwaan beat the senior #7 record (although the overall record is still held by James). Callum Bright broke the J17 ST27 record on his debut at the BFCC. Finally the ever youthful Mick Copeman claimed the previously open V80 records in #5, #7, ST27 and S55. Well done all.