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Posted by mike On April 15th, 2007

Shenfield cricket ground looked glorious in continuous spring sunshine, surrounded by bushes and trees in full flower, which were barely ruffled by a light northerly breeze. The event was opened at 10am by club secretary, Mike Marshall, who then gave a talk and casting demonstration to the twentyfive casters present. This was then followed by comments on safety by John Reynolds and the Club’s computer links by Mike Heritage.

The enthusiasm of the participants was clear to see from their addresses, examples being Durham, West Midlands, Norfolk and from Sussex who was eightyfive years young. Once formed into teams of three, they all cast for three minutes with WF7F outfits and their longest casts were measured and recorded on cards, together with aspects requiring tuition. Distances were good with 9 casters over 25yds, 6 over 30yds, and the longest was 35yds by Terry Edmonds which was well beyond their expectations. The winning team total was 87.7yds, and badges were then awarded to the 25, 30 and 35yd casters.

Tuition then took place in four groups over two sessions, broken by a rest for lunch and it was remarkable to see the improvements in casting styles and distances achieved. Many commented on how much less effort they needed to achieve greater distance and that their record cards would prevent them slipping into bad habits. Some casters asked if they could cast again ot quantify their improvements, with remarkable results. Six upgraded their badges from 25 to 30yds, and two upgraded from 30 to 35yds, including our only lady caster, Sue Macniven. Well done indeed!

Badges – 35yds Sue McNiven, John Forster, Kevin Knight.

Reporter – Mike Marshall