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Cullumpton 2013

Posted by mikeh On April 14th, 2013

After the most miserable winter I can remember we were blessed to have some decent weather for the first event of the year. A chance to blow away the cobwebs, try to remember which end of the fly rod to hold and catch up with friends old and new while lamenting the passing of Tom Hill who was instrumental in helping us set up Cullumpton as a venue. We had a really good turnout and considering the lack of practice some of us have had over the last few months there were some very creditable casts laid down. The wind did get up a bit but couldn’t decide which way it wanted to blow and the turbulence that was created by the big tree in the corner made for some bizarre back casts on occasion, but that’s fly casting. One of the few who have braved the elements this winter to practice was James Evans who is going to threaten some of the outright records this year, if we get the conditions right on the day. After a fantastic 136′ during #7 competition he decided to have a crack at the record and pipped Paul Ardens senior record with a cast of 139′ but just failed to hit the outright record. Better luck next time James. I, on the other hand was informed I had the dubious honour of extending the S60 (I know, I don’t look it…do I?) #7 record to 129′ 9”. Later Tracy Thomas extended her #9 record to 114’9” and was also the first (I think) woman to win the B100 class. Rob Doyle proved to be a natural with the Monster (T120) and after a brief master class from Mike Marshall promptly stuck it out 190′, which is mighty impressive for a first attempt. Toby Merigan could be a serious contender as he was there or thereabouts in all the events he took part in before he had to leave. Get serious Toby and actually practice! It was great to see Alan Bath well on the way to recovery after his recent illness and Wendy back in the old routine of making sure everyone handed over their cash. Many thanks to Alan, Wendy and Tracy for helping the competition run so smoothly and everyone else for helping out on the lanes. I think it was the most enjoyable comp I have had for quite a while. Mike Marshall did his usual sterling job of taking care of all those that came just for tuition and our host and hostess, Bryan and Sue Reeve, in the pavilion did an outstanding job of keeping us all refreshed and fed. Thank you all so much. See you all next April. Mike Heritage


Posted by James Evans On April 7th, 2013

The day started cold with a fairly light wind. The wind strengthened during the morning although it stubbornly refused to align itself with the casting tapes despite moving them after the #5 and #7 events.

Distances are in feet and inches.

#5F – Mike Heritage 124.01; James Evans 116.09; Toby Merigan 115.05; Bryan Martin 113.00;
David Fisher 103.11; Tony King 92.06; Tracy Thomas 85.01; Rob Doyle 82.07; John Dawson 75.05;
Ian Hockley 75.00; Wendy Bath 73.10; John McKinlay 72.05; Alex Rutherford 60.01

#7F – James Evans 136.08; Mike Heritage 129.09; Toby Merigan 125.09; David Fisher 113.03;
Bryan Martin 111.10; Tracy Thomas 96.01; Rob Doyle 94.11; Ian Hockley 94.11; Tony King 88.05;
Wendy Bath 86.05; John McKinlay 86.03; John Dawson 82.11; Alex Rutherford 68.00

B100 (#5 + #7) – Tracy Thomas 181.02; Ian Hockley 169.11; Wendy Bath 160.03; John McKinlay 158.08;
John Dawson 158.04; Alex Rutherford 128.01

#9F – James Evans 137.10; Toby Merigan 134.05; Mike Heritage 132.00; David Fisher 120.02;
Rob Doyle 119.11; John Dawson 119.02; Tracy Thomas 114.09; Bryan Martin 110.11; Tony King 108.06;
John McKinlay 103.04; Ian Hockley 90.05; Wendy Bath 87.08

T38 – Mike Heritage 160.09; James Evans 158.04; John Dawson 148.11; Rob Doyle 145.01;
Bryan Martin 144.06; Ian Hockley 128.11; Tony King 127.01; John McKinlay 127.00; David Fisher 123.00;
Tracy Thomas 117.00

T120 – Rob Doyle 190.02; James Evans 179.10; Tony King 176.05; Bryan Martin 173.08;
Mike Heritage 147.10; David Fisher 139.02; John Dawson 136.09; Tracy Thomas 130.07

Many congratulations to David Fisher who gained his 40 yard badge.

Also a big well done to Mike Heritage for extending his #7F S60 record and to Tracy Thomas for adding three feet to her #9 record.