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Posted by mike On July 26th, 2011

Many congratulations are due to Tracy for winning the UK Ladies Trout Distance Championship at the CLA Gamefair last weekend. This was achieved through a heats and final system which required a very cool head and consistent performance throughout, in front of a very large audience. However, Tracy’s recent performances in the BFCC B100 events have given us a clue to her potential, which has now been realised in such a high profile competition. Please keep up the good work – the BFCC is proud of you!

Sportfish 2011

Posted by mikeh On July 10th, 2011

Just like the old days, only better. From one point of view it wasn’t very successful but from the other it was a great day.

We did not have many non members turn up for tuition but we had loads of members turn up so the competition was really good. Because of the stiff south westerly we were restricted to casting across the grass towards the car park so we could not get the T38 or T 120 into action. As it was we were peppering car bonnets with the seven and nine weights.

Both Paul Arden and James Evens had hardly stepped off their planes from Australia and America respectively to be with us, Paul then walked off with three trophies. Well done.

Alan Bath achieved a new record in the V70 5 weight category with a cast of 94′. He deserves it for all the practice he does, Well done Alan.

Alan casts in the B100 class and there is some stiff competition. The winner is the person with the highest total distance in the five and seven events and Jamie Cashman’s 190? 11” did it this time.

We ran an accuracy event which had the unexpected bonus that it meant we all congregated in that area to help scoring and enjoy the sport of barracking whoever was casting. One member claimed not to have understood the rules on his attempt and requested another go with the proviso that we could chuck him in the lake if his score was lower on his second go. Boy, is he fit, we couldn’t catch him but the next time him and me are near water he had better watch out.

Welcome to new members Don Palmer and Alan Bowles.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it such an enjoyable day.

Because our unofficial official photographer, Terry Jenner, hasn’t been seen for a while we do not have any official or otherwise photos to add to the album. If you have some from Reading or even Wrexham please send them to me.

Our next event is at Eyebrook on the 27th August, see you there.

Mike H

READING 09-07-2011

Posted by mike On July 10th, 2011

The results were affected by a very strong SW wind and two heavy showers, but this not deter our keen casters and there was some good competition and the usual humourous remarks. In fact, this was most clearly evident when everyone grouped around the accuracy event, which turned into a test of character and patience due to the strong side wind.

The results were:

B100 #5 – Alan Bath 94′, Jamie Cashman 92′ 5″, Steve Davis 89′ 2″, Mick Copeman 87′ 4″, Tracy Thomas 84′ 10″, David Fisher 83′ 4″, Don Palmer 81′ 3″.

B100 #7 – Jamie Cashman 98′ 6″, Don Palmer 92′ 6″, Tracy Thomas 91′ 3″, Mick Copeman 89′ 6″, Alan Bath 88′ 7″, David Fisher 84′ 10″, Steve Davis 78′ 10″. 

B100 (#5 + 7) – Jamie Cashman 190′ 11″, Alan Bath 182′ 7″, Mick Copeman 176′ 10″, Tracy Thomas 176′ 4″, Don Palmer 173′ 9″, David Fisher 168′ 2″, Steve Davis 168′.

#5 – Paul Arden 129′ 6″, Jonathan Tomlinson 124′ 6″, James Evans 120′ 11″, Mike Heritage 115′ 10″, Steve Kemp 113′ 9″, Trevor Bourne 111′ 10″, Lee Martell 107′ 8″.

#7 – Paul Arden 133′, James Evans 130′ 11″, Jonathan Tomlinson 127′ 8″, Lee Martell 122′ 9″, Trevor Bourne 122′ 6″, Mike Heritage 113′ 8″, Steve Kemp 98′.

#9 – Jonathan Tomlinson 139′ 1″, Paul Arden 134′ 11″, James Evans 133′ 7″, Mike Heritage 131′ 11″, Trevor Bourne 130′ 1″, Steve Kemp 125′ 2″, Lee Martell 123′ 3″, Jamie Cashman 114′, David Fisher 105′ 8″, Tracy Thomas 100′ 3″, Steve Davis 90′.

Accuracy (points) – Paul Arden 85, Mike Heritage 75, Trevor Bourne 60, Jonathan Tomlinson 60, Mark Surtees 60, Lee Martell 55, Don Palmer 45, David Fisher 45, James Evans 35, Steve Davis 30, Tracy Thomas 15, Jamie Cashman 15, Steve Kemp 15.

Congratulations are due to Alan Bath for setting a V70 record in #5 B100 of 94′.

Brentwood Moves to Shenfield

Posted by mikeh On July 1st, 2011

I believe that part of the success of Wrexam is it’s facilities. We were all grateful for somewhere to get out of the rain for a while, have a coffee and a sandwich and make use of the tiolets. Although Brentwood is a lovely area with plenty of space it does lack these facilities. If we need a drink it can take half an hour to get there (and then find the Cafe closed) and back.

About three years ago we held our first ‘open day’ event at the nearby Shenfield Cricket Club and they were kind enough to open the pavilion for our use. We have therefore decided to move our flagship event to Shenfield and the pavilion will again be open for our use. We will be able to provide tea, coffee and sandwiches. We will just charge enough to cover the costs. We do need a volunteer or two to help with this so if you know anyone who is willing to make tea and cut a few sandwiches for a few hours please let Mike Marshall know.

We will need to be a bit stricter with regard to safety.  Shenfield is used by the locals for dog walking etc so we neither want to upset them or cause any accidents so please be aware of where your back casts are going.

We will be casting all of our disciplines, including accuracy, and we will again be creating a club champion only this time it won’t involve John Reynolds and I on our knees, in the rain, trying to figure out who had won, provided the laptop doesn’t run out of battery at the vital moment.

Yes, there will be tuition for those that want it but this event is mainly about the competition, so bring it on. Mine is white with two sugers please.

Mike H