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Posted by mike On November 7th, 2011

It is with much sadness that I have to record the recent passing of long standing Member, Albert Horne from West Sussex, after a short illness. Due to difficulties with travel he has not attended Meetings recently, however, he will not be forgtten as he is the one with the walking stick in the pictures on the website home page. 

Albert was a great example of casting keeping us going, since he reached the age of 89 years and was fishing up to 2010 and fly tying until 2011 – a great angling ‘innings’. In fact he learned his craft from the famous Lionel Sweet at the age of 7 and, later, greatly enjoyed teaching many anglers as a member of  many fishing-related organisations. From personal experience I know just how keen he was about casting and his knowledge was deep – he will be missed in angling and casting circles.

Albert is survived by daughters Jackie and Elaine and our thoughts reach out to them.