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Glasgow 2012

Posted by mikeh On September 18th, 2012

Sorry about the lateness of this report but I have just not had the time having been away two weekends on the trot.

This has been a frustrating year weather wise. If it wasn’t raining it had just stopped and we were casting on a marsh, or, it was windy. Glasgow proved just as frustrating because the wind was very fickle, none early on but as it picked up later it couldn’t make up it’s mind which way it wanted to go and we had to alter the casting lanes several times.
Because of the lack of wind at the start we decided to cast some of the heavier events first in the hope that we might get some decent distances in the full line events but, as you see from the results, it didn’t quite work out. Some of us got lucky with the breeze, others weren’t so lucky. But that’s competition casting.
The turnout was very good. Thanks to everyone who made it.

There were some exceptional casts such as Peter Thains 241′ 6” and young James Hek who created a new J17 T120 record with 186′ to add to his new T38 record of 153’2”. The ladies were not to be left out and Sue Macniven created a new womens record of 140′ 11” in the T120 as well. Ally Bremner wasn’t far behind with 137’7”

Peter McCallum won the B100 and won the #7 event outright. No more B100 for you then Peter!

As you can see from the results Peter Thain has brought some serious expertise to the show and many of us will have to get in some practice if we want to give him a run for his money in the future.

Some of you may see an event on the list that is new to you, the 27gram shooting head. We trialed it and it seems to have been very popular. This is a world championship event and has the potential for huge cockups and massive distances, in other words, great fun. It also gives some lattitude to those that like to tinker with their tackle. There are rules though and we are looking into it.

One side note. We mislaid an Orvis Access 9′ #7. If anyone finds an odd rod in their kit and wonders where it came from please let Mike Marshall know.

Sorry I can’t mention all of you but we sincerely thank everyone for making it such a good day.

See you in Shenfield.

Mike H


Posted by James Evans On September 11th, 2012

Casting conditions in the morning were extremely difficult with the lightest of winds varying from north to northwest. Then, in the afternoon, the wind changed to a quite strong southwesterly. Therefore, the contrasting results must be read with these weather changes in mind.

#5F – Peter Thain 111′; Ben Dixon 107′ 8″; Hamish Young 105′ 4″; Mike Heritage 98′; Mick Bell 97′ 1″; James Heck 95′; Kevin Muir 94′ 9″; Peter McCallum 88′ 9″; Chris Owen 87′ 10″; Tamas Bacsai 87′ 4″; Mike Barrio 83′ 10″; Sue MacNiven 81′ 10″; Angus McCleod 76′ 7″; John Vautier 66′ 4″; Adam Wilson 60′.

#7F – Peter McCallum 118′ 1″; Hamish Young 117′ 7″; Ben Dixon 115′ 11″; Tamas Bacsai 115′ 9″; Peter Thain 114′ 10″; James Hek 113′ 5″; Kevin Muir 109′ 8″; Mike Heritage 107′ 9″; Mick Bell 101′ 9″; Ally Bremner 98′ 2″; Sue MacNiven 95′ 10″; Mike Barrio 91′ 9″; Chris Owen 91′ 2″; Adam Wilson 77′ 2″; John Vautier 68′ 3″.

B100 – Peter McCallum 206′ 7″; Kevin Muir 204′ 5″; Chris Owen 179′; Mike Barrio 175′ 7″; Adam Wilson 137′ 2″.

#9F – Hamish Young 120′; Mike Heritage 119′ 6″; James Hek 118′ 11″; Mick Bell 115′; Peter McCallum114′ 1″; Ben Dixon 113′ 3″; Peter Thain 113′; Kevin Muir 111′ 4″; Mike Barrio 107′; Sue MacNiven 106′ 11″; Chris Owen 99′ 6″; Ally Bremner 77′ 7″.

T38 – Peter Thain 166′ 4″; Hugh Newton 148′; Hamish Young 143′ 7″; Mick Ball 140′ 7″; James Hek 135′ 4″; Ben Dixon 133′; Mike Heritage 128′; Peter McCallum 123′ 1″; Kevin Muir121′ 3″ Mike Barrio 104′ 6″.

T120 – Peter Thain 241′ 6″; Hugh Newton 187′ 3″; James Hek 186′; Hamish Young 185′; Ben Dixon 182′ 4″, Kevin Muir 175′ 10″, Mick Bell 172′ 6; Peter McCallum 170′ 4″; Mike Heritage 169′ 5″; Sue MacNiven 140′ 11″; Ally Bremner 137′ 7″.

27gm Shooting Head: Peter Thain 148′ 5″; Ben Dixon 142′ 10″; Mike Heritage 140′ 3″; James Hek 133′ 6″; Mick Bell 131′ 5″; Peter McCallum 128′ 4″; Hamish Young 128′; Kevin Muir 121′ 4″; Mike Barrio 120′ 3″.

Congratulations are due to Sue Macniven who cast a ladies T120 record of 140′ 11″ and James Hek who cast a successful junior 17, T38 record attempt of 153′ 2″ and a T120 record of 186′ in the competition.