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The Who, What And Why of the BFCC

Posted by mikeh On June 3rd, 2009

Let’s deal with the Who first.

 We are just ordinary guy’s like you, except we have a passion for fly casting.

 What we are about is promoting  fly casting via friendly meetings. I don’t know about you, but from personal experience I know how difficult it is to keep yourself motivated to practice fly casting on your own. You do need to cast with others now and then, it gives you a benchmark and something to aim at.

 The Why is easy. You have some of the best casting brains in the country at your disposal, not mine obviously, for free. Well, for an annual (and very reasonable) subscription anyway. Several members are casting instructors and between us we have a lot of years (mainly Mike Marshalls) of casting behind us. Any one of us will find some time during the day to give you a little one to one and try and improve your fly casting.

 The BFCC run a distance badge scheme starting at 25yds, this is quite a good way to motivate you to add to your collection. We ran it recently at the Spring Show at Newark and it proved very popular, so much so we had to re stock our badges.

 Now, some of us are more competitive than others and for those of you who really feel the need for speed the BFCC can be a stepping stone to the higher echelons of competitive fly casting. We are affiliated to the UKSF and through them to the ACA who hold various competitions, including the world championships. Several of the UKSF guys are Internationals, they even boast the odd world champion and world record holder. They are always on the look out for new blood.

 I discovered the BFCC and then wasted a complete year by being too timid to join, I was slightly intimidated by going to cast with people from the British Fly Casting Club, I mean, they all had to be casting Gods, didn’t they? Well, it turned out they were just ordinary guys (and the occasional gal) who just happened to have a passion for fly casting.

 We are the friendly home of fly casting, or the home of friendly fly casting, either way, we are friendly, come and have a cast.

 Mike Heritage