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Oswestry 2012

Posted by mikeh On June 24th, 2012

We seem to be having a run weather at our events that leaves something to be desired and Oswestry was no exception, even the fishing I was looking forward to on Saturday afternoon was literally washed out as the river was in spate. OK, it did stop raining before we actually started casting, which was nice of it, but the wind couldn’t make it’s mind which direction it wanted to come from, which made casting problematical for most and downright awkward if you happened to be left-handed.

The casting competition was a bit disjointed and highlighted the fact that with the success the BFCC is experiencing comes logistical problems we had not thought about. Fear not, we have thought about it and, hopefully, have come up with solutions that will help make the day more enjoyable for everyone, and lets face it, that is what our event days are all about.

Once again the weather affected distances but there were a couple of notable exceptions, namely, John Reynolds 177’10” in the T38 and an astonishing, if slightly unorthodox 179’5” by Bud Budryk, who has never cast the monster before.

Many thanks to our hosts at the rugby club for providing such great facilities, very good coffee and grub.

Once again we had a great turnout with several coming from some distance. One or two of the locals thanked us for coming because ‘nothing like this ever happens up here’. Well, it does now!

See you all next year.

Read all about it? No Thanks

Posted by mikeh On June 19th, 2012

Have you ever read an exciting fishing story, the big one that got away or that special cast to a wily old brownie that had eluded all previous attempts to tempt him to take a fly? Yes, of course you have. Now, have you ever read an exciting story about fly casting? No, nor have I. And there’s the rub. Watching fly casting can be exciting, reading about it is not. If you think reading about it is painful you should try writing about it and you will discover the real meaning of pain, especially if you want to make it entertaining as well as informative. While I will admit to reading articles and contributing to forums, even writing about it in my own blog, I have to hold my hand up and admit I have never read a book on fly casting so, arguably, I have missed a riveting read or two. I doubt it though.

Where is this blasphemy leading I can hear you ask.

To the BFCC, and what it is coming to represent. The BFCC is about doing. It’s about coming, seeing and realising just what can be achieved with a rod and line. It’s about enthusing people to try and improve their casting and thereby get more enjoyment from their fishing. It can be real eye opening stuff for some. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard the comment that they would never have believed anyone could cast that far. It’s also about people enjoying the day so much they drive half way across the country to come to another event. It might be interesting to know how many book lessons with local instructors after coming to one of our events.

It has taken three or four years but the BFCC  is just what it says on the tin, we are now a truly national club, with the exception of N Ireland we have events in all the home countries and the way things are going we may find a way to add them to the list as well. There seems to be a genuine appreciation of the effort we put in to make the events enjoyable,we know this because of the feedback and comments we receive after each event (which we love to get BTW).

Fly casting can be beautiful, amazing, enthralling and educational to watch. It can be exciting, exasperating and enjoyable to compete. It can be bewildering, difficult  (not really) and rewarding to learn. All three of these take place in one day at a BFCC event (near you soon).

Much better than reading about it.

Mike Heritage


Posted by James Evans On June 19th, 2012

Casting took place in overcast but dry conditions, with a light breeze that couldn’t make up its mind which way it was supposed to be blowing from.

Distances are in feet and inches.

#5F – Mike Heritage 112.02; James Evans 103.10; John Reynolds 101.07; Louis Noble 94.03;
Ian Griffin 92.04; David Fisher 91.06; Pat Stevens 90.03; Mike Helliwell 88.03; Bud Budryk 85.11;
Alan Bath 84.10; Bob Carlson 81.10; Nigel Conlon 80.04; Richard Jacques 79.06; Chris Owen 77.10;
Paul Brown 77.00; Vera Carlson 74.04; Tim Edwards 74.01; John Forbes 73.05; Tracy Thomas 71.06;
Wendy Bath 70.07; John Vautier 63.10

#7F – James Evans 126.07; John Reynolds 122.07; Mike Heritage 105.07; David Fisher 103.05;
Bob Carlson 98.09; Pat Stevens 94.05; Alan Bath 93.09; Bud Budryk 92.08; Ian Griffin 91.06;
Mike Helliwell 90.06; Louis Noble 89.11; Tracy Thomas 87.10; Paul Brown 86.05; Nigel Conlon 85.04;
Tim Edwards 84.00 ; Chris Owen 82.11 ; Richard Jacques 80.00; Wendy Bath 78.09; Vera Carlson 76.11;
John Vautier 73.03; John Forbes 71.03

B100 (#5 + #7) – David Fisher 194.11 ; Pat Stevens 184.08; Louis Noble 184.02; Ian Griffin 183.10;
Bob Carlson 180.07; Mike Helliwell 178.09; Bud Budryk 178.07; Nigel Conlon 165.08; Chris Owen 160.09;
Richard Jacques 159.06; Tracy Thomas 159.04; Tim Edwards 158.01; Vera Carlson 151.03;
Wendy Bath 149.04; John Forbes 144.08; John Vautier 137.01

#9F – John Reynolds 121.02; James Evans 121.00; Mike Heritage 114.04; David Fisher 113.06;
Ian Griffin 109.09; Paul Brown 108.10; Pat Stevens 101.01; Tracy Thomas 97.01; Alan Bath 94.06;
Chris Owen 91.04; Nigel Conlon 91.02; Bud Budryk 86.03; Mike Helliwell 83.04; John Vautier 80.09;
Wendy Bath 77.02

T38 – John Reynolds 177.10; James Evans 155.02; Mike Heritage 137.02; Chris Owen 118.00;
Nigel Conlon 117.02; Mike Helliwell 113.03; David Fisher 110.03; Tracy Thomas 92.04

T120 – Bud Budryk 179.05; Mike Heritage 168.04; James Evans 164.02; Mike Helliwell 161.04;
John Reynolds 152.00; David Fisher 133.09; Tracy Thomas 121.05

Tracy Thomas extends her T120 (T50) record.

There were a number of distance badges awarded:

25yds John Vautier
30yds Chris Owen
35yds Nigel Conlon, Ian Griffin, Chris Owen
50yds Mike Helliwell

Congratulations to all.

Ashford 2012

Posted by mikeh On June 4th, 2012

It was great not having to travel further than the bottom of my garden for a BFCC event, shame about the weather though. There was a continual drizzle interspersed with the odd heavier shower and absolutely no wind for the full line events. It did clear up a bit later in the afternoon and we had a very slight and variable breeze for the T38 and T120 events. The damp atmosphere and still conditions were reflected in the,somewhat, disapointing distances we were able to achieve. That’s competition casting though, you just have to get on with it. It beats casting in the tail end of a hurricane as we did in Glasgow last year though.

Despite the weather and the Queens Jubilee celebrations happening on the same day we had a very good turnout of both competition casters and those who came for the instruction and it was nice to welcome back old friends and new members.

Congratulations to James Evans for winning the five, seven and nine events, to Tracy Thomas for her new ladies records in the nine and T120 (although I think it’s actually the T50 for women) and me for the T38, which I was very pleased about, I think it’s the first time I have ever come close to winning this event and finally Mike Marshall for once again showing us just how the T120 beast should be cast.

Many thanks to James for running the competitions, Tracy for keeping the scores, Wendy Bath for making sure everyone paid, for Mark Surtees and Mike Marshall for instructing and Willesborough Cricket Club for supplying us with tea, coffee and sandwiches all day plus providing a great club house to dry off in and field to get wet in.

Well done everybody and thank you all for coming.

Mike H


Posted by mike On June 4th, 2012

Casting took place in drizzly conditions with a light variable wind, making long casts hard to come by. Distances are in feet and inches.

#5F – James Evans 107.02; Mike Heritage 105.09; Kevin Knight 91.11; David Fisher 82.06;
Brian Szukala 82.04; Mick Copeman 82.01; Alan Bath 76.07; Tracy Thomas 76.00; Wendy Bath 69.00;
Tim Edwards 63.09

#7F – James Evans 117.08; Mike Heritage 106.08; Alan Bath 100.05; David Fisher 99.07;
Mick Copeman 99.06; Tracy Thomas 91.04; Wendy Bath 85.02; Brian Szukala 85.02; Kevin Knight 84.10;
Tim Edwards 76.04

B100 (#5 + #7) – David Fisher 182.01; Mick Copeman 181.07; Kevin Knight 176.09; Brian Szukala 167.06;
Tracy Thomas 167.04; Wendy Bath 154.02; Tim Edwards 140.01

#9F – James Evans 131.02; Mike Heritage 125.03; Alan Bath 112.03; Mick Copeman 110.06;
Tracy Thomas 107.04; David Fisher 104.00; Kevin Knight 91.06; Wendy Bath 86.02

T38 – Mike Heritage 165.05; James Evans 155.06; David Fisher 128.10; Terry Jenner 127.10;
Kevin Knight 117.10; Tracy Thomas 115.09

T120 – Mike Marshall 198.05; Mike Heritage 186.05; James Evans 176.04; Terry Jenner 168.00;
David Fisher 124.03; Tracy Thomas 118.09

Tracy Thomas extends her #9 record as well as claiming the T120 record.