Oswestry 2012

We seem to be having a run weather at our events that leaves something to be desired and Oswestry was no exception, even the fishing I was looking forward to on Saturday afternoon was literally washed out as the river was in spate. OK, it did stop raining before we actually started casting, which was nice of it, but the wind couldn’t make it’s mind which direction it wanted to come from, which made casting problematical for most and downright awkward if you happened to be left-handed.

The casting competition was a bit disjointed and highlighted the fact that with the success the BFCC is experiencing comes logistical problems we had not thought about. Fear not, we have thought about it and, hopefully, have come up with solutions that will help make the day more enjoyable for everyone, and lets face it, that is what our event days are all about.

Once again the weather affected distances but there were a couple of notable exceptions, namely, John Reynolds 177’10” in the T38 and an astonishing, if slightly unorthodox 179’5” by Bud Budryk, who has never cast the monster before.

Many thanks to our hosts at the rugby club for providing such great facilities, very good coffee and grub.

Once again we had a great turnout with several coming from some distance. One or two of the locals thanked us for coming because ‘nothing like this ever happens up here’. Well, it does now!

See you all next year.

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