The weather was a pleasant 17°C with a steady breeze.  This event saw the introduction of the Sea Trout competition to the world championship rules.  This uses 27g floating line, configurable to the casters specification, but usually in the form of a shooting-head.

Results are in feet and inches:

#5F – Mike Heritage 123.01;  James Evans 118.06; David Fisher 112.00; Brian Szukala 110.10; Mick Copeman 103.03; Wendy Bath 94.04; Tracy Thomas 90.10; Alan Bath 87.09

#7F – James Evans 131.11; Mick Copeman 121.10; Mike Heritage 118.10; Brian Szukala 107.06; Alan Bath 102.00; David Fisher 98.02; Tracy Thomas 96.03; Wendy Bath 92.10

B100 (#5 + #7) – Mick Copeman 225.01; Brian Szukala 218.04; Wendy Bath 187.02; Tracy Thomas 187.01

ST27 – Mike Heritage 147.08; James Evans 134.07; Tracy Thomas 125.04; Mick Copeman 123.09; Brian Szukala 120.06; David Fisher 117.05; Alan Bath 113.09; Wendy Bath 95.00

T38 – James Evans 170.07; Mike Marshall 159.08; Mike Heritage 146.07; Mark Surtees 140.02; David Fisher 119.10; Brian Szukala 118.05; Tracy Thomas 109.08; Wendy Bath 93.05

T120/50 – Mike Marshall 199.03; Brian Szukala 194.10; James Evans 182.08; Mike Heritage 162.06; Mark Surtees 153.01; Tracy Thomas 139.00; David Fisher 123.00

A number of records were set or beaten:

Wendy Bath – overall record in the #5F

Tracy Thomas – overall record in the ST27

Mick Copeman – #5F (V70), #7F (V70) and ST27 (V70)

Mike Heritage – overall and V60 in the ST27

Distance badges were also earned by Wendy Bath (30yds) and Brian Szukala (35yds)

Many congratulations to all new record holders and badge winners.


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