Results – Bentley, Essex. 01/10/22

The last BFCC competition of the year took place in a reasonable breeze but one that switched from left to right at regular intervals, but most casters got a reasonable direction at some point during their allotted time. The competition started off with the accuracy event followed by the T38, S55 and T120. After the lunch break the #5, #7 and ST27 were cast in the afternoon. The following results are in feet and inches:

#5 Trout Distance: Bart De Zwaan 137.08; Nick Moore 131.00; Mick Copeman 123.06; Kei Okamoto 120.06; Tracy Thomas 119.11; John Reynolds 117.10; James Evans 116.02; Mike Heritage 112.08; Howard Bishop 107.07; Andy Miller 83.00.

#7 Trout Distance: Nick Moore 143.01; Bart De Zwaan 140.10; James Evans 138.10; Kei Okamoto 135.02; Mike Heritage 134.08; Tracy Thomas 127.00; Howard Bishop 124.04; Mick Copeman 122.10; John Reynolds 122.06; Andy Miller 90.09.

ST27: John Reynolds 160.03; Bart De Zwaan 152.07; Kei Okamoto 144.09; James Evans 138.02; Nick Moore 138.01; Mick Copeman 136.02; Andy Miller 131.00; Tracy Thomas 130.10; Mike Heritage 127.08; Howard Bishop 125.06.

S55: James Evans 206.05; Kei Okamoto 191.04; Bart De Zwaan 180.07; John Reynolds 171.10; Mick Copeman 161.00; Tracy Thomas 159.10; Nick Moore 159.08; Howard Bishop 156.03; Mike Heritage 151.01; Dominic Hewitt 126.04; Andy Miller 117.01.

T38: John Reynolds 178.04; James Evans 177.02; Bart De Zwaan 171.00; Nick Moore 167.08; Andy Miller 162.03; Howard Bishop 152.00; Mike Heritage 133.00; Dominic Hewitt 120.02; Tracy Thomas 113.08.

T120: James Evans 237.00; Andy Miller 199.06; Bart De Zwaan 185.06; Mike Heritage 185.00; Tracy Thomas 169.03; Howard Bishop 158.05; Nick Moore 157.03; Dominic Hewitt 145.09.

Accuracy (points): Nick Moore 44; James Evans 40; Kei Okamoto 39; John Reynolds 35; Bart De Zwaan 33; Mike Heritage 27; Howard Bishop 20; Tracy Thomas 17.

Overall event (points): 1st Bart de Zwaan 19; 2nd James Evans 20; 3rd Nick Moore 27.

Records: Tracy extended her senior (50) #5 and #7 Trout Distance records.

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2 Responses to “Results – Bentley, Essex. 01/10/22”
  1. Kevin Laughton Says:

    I am an Australian fly casting champion of champions (3) times and cast in the 1973 and 1974 World championships.
    I am coming to England for a wedding in September and would like to do some casting and fly fishing if that is possible .
    Could you give me some dates in August/Sept where there might be an outdoor show or hunting day near London.
    I am a “wrinkly” now but still hunt and fly fish,.

    Kevin Laughton


  3. tracy Says:

    Hi Kevin, thank you for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you. Currently the only BFCC activity planned for Sept is running casting competitions at the Welsh Game Fair in Bangor North Wales. There is often a country show that includes fishing in early Sept too, in Hampshire. We will have a BFCC meeting in Essex in Oct, probably the 1st (I’m still confirming this date). I currently don’t have anything planned for August, but that could change. I’ve added your email to our distribution so you can receive updates from us. I’ll also raise this on our FB page as others may know of any other such events. Kind regards, Tracy


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