Brentwood 2010

I know all my event reports start off by saying what a fantastic/successful/enjoyable day it was but most of you were not members three or more years ago when it was only me, John Reynolds Mike Marshall plus the odd stray dog that turned up for meetings. Yes, I know I am exaggerating, slightly, but there is a buzz and vibrancy about the club now that is just so pleasing to those of us that lived through the doldrums. Especially pleasing for Mike Marshall without whom the club would probably have folded ages ago.

 With everybody’s help the new system of casting different events in different lanes at the same time worked really well and the accuracy comp seemed to be very popular, I even managed to hit one or two myself. In fact things ran so smoothly that we managed to cast all six of our events.

 I suppose I should feel sorry for Tomo because if this had been the club championship event instead of a dress rehearsal he would have been crowned champion by a country mile. It isn’t natural for one person to be so good at every discipline, he won three events and was well placed in the others, as you will see if MM can make head or tail of the results sheets.

 James Evens regrets having a warm up cast with the nine weight, it went 151′ which, unfortunately, he couldn’t repeat once the clock started. It also allowed Tomo to cast what I think is a new club record.

 We probably have at least one new ladies record when new member Lisa Isles cast 166′ with the T38, note the T38 is the mens event, women can cast a slightly lighter outfit, but we didn’t have one handy.

 Jaw dropping moment of the day was new member Trevor Bourne who picked up the T120 for the first time in his life and threw five consecutive casts over 200′ with a best of 225′ to win the event. I have never topped 200′ in all the years I have been a member!

There were quite a few who turned up just for some instruction and they were all given the Mike Marshall treatment assisted by Roger, Alex, Mark and Steve. The club is very fortunate to have some outstanding coaching talent which has been the backbone of our recent success. While talking about instructing, the club would like to thank Steve for the donation of a five weight rod. It is prove very useful for all the instructing we do these days

 From a personal point of view it was nice to have John Reynolds back and firing on all cylinders and I was especially pleased that all the members willingly joined in to help run casting lanes when asked. Thank you all very much.

 I will probably need to come back and edit some of this when MM has put the results up, I am terrible at remembering names. It’s an age thing.

 Mike Heritage

 Ps. since I wrote the above I have recieved several complimentery messages about the event and I gather so has MM. Thank you, we appreciate it.

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2 Responses to “Brentwood 2010”
  1. David Fisher Says:

    At the Brentwood meeting, Mike H asked all those at the presentation for comments about how the day went.

    I felt it was the best one I had attended, even better than the July meeting at Sportfish Reading. I enjoyed it so much I even renewed my membership.

    I had wondered before why we did not have an accuracy event – now I know why. They are hard. Some pretty good casts, only a few inches away from the target, scored nothing, so naturally I thought the targets were too small! However I do think that a target consisting of outer ring, inner ring and bullseye might have made it more competitive for more people.

    My main comment though is to do with the number of people that attend. Attendance seems to be split between those most interested in the competitions and those who are most interested in receiving tuition. Both reasons are perfectly valid, and both are what the BFCC is all about. Mike M’s tuition is absolutely first class and given so freely, enthusiastically and apparently without a break. I wonder if it would be possible to have a ‘division 2’ casting competion, perhaps just #5 & #7 weights, for those (like me) who stand no chance against the likes of Jonathan, Mike H, James etc in the main events.

    A second division would enable members (experienced anglers and novices alike) to have a go in a friendly competition where they could put into practice the day’s tuition. I have noticed before that a fair number are quite prepared to spend a long time casting on the field, but definitely draw the line at going in for the competitions when they see the standard of the top casters on display. They cannot see the point of paying an entrance fee to a competition they cannot possibly win.

    I realise this would require extra officials and equipment, but a modest entrance charge would help BFCC funds, and there is never a lack of willing volunteers to mark and timekeep.

    Perhaps next year (Newark ?) we could canvas opinion from amongst those receiving tuition.


  3. Mike H Says:

    Thanks David. Some thought provoking comment. The two tier membership had occured to me before and is well worth concidering.

    Thank you for your kind words re the day itself, they are appreciated.

    Mike H


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