New Tricks

This years Brentwood meeting will be used as a dress rehearsal. I would like all competitive members to be involved with the running of the event so that the work load is spread a bit more evenly and everyone has the chance to have a few practice casts before their turn on the mat. The idea is that this meeting will become a championship event, someone will be crowned club champion based on overall performance in all events at the meeting. We hope to add an accuracy component so that those of you who are not necessarily big hitters are in with a chance. I also hope it will give those of us who are not particularly good at some of the events the reason to go out and practice them so that we are at least competant, if not fantastic. I, for instance, might accumulate a good score in the five, seven and accuracy elements only to see my chances fall away because my T38 and T120 are abysmal.

 Instead of all casting one event at a time there will be three lanes, 5,7 and accuracy. The person who draws No1 will start on the five and move straight onto the seven and then the accuracy. Three minutes for each event.  The person drawn No2 casts the five as No 1 casts the seven and so on. After the draw those that are first off can go away for a ten minute warm up. Those drawn last will be asked to be time and lane judges. Your places will be taken by those finishing their events so that you will have your chance to warm up before you cast.

There will be a short break after the first three events while we organise the lanes for the heavier events and then we start the whole thing again with the T38 and T120. The nine weight will only be included if we seem to have the time .

 This is really a taster to see how it works so please bear with us.

 See you Sunday

 Mike H

 PS. I have Tomo’s report on the recent world championships in Norway and will put it up after Sunday

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  1. Tomo Says:

    sounds like a fantastic idea! cant wait!


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