Following the recent Brentwood Meeting, David Fisher made the point that for casters just starting competition casting, there was no realistic chance of winning anything, and he was right! Yes, tuition and The Badge scheme were helpful, but something more to keep up casting morale and enthusiasm was needed.

Following some discussion at BFCC Committee level and with David, the B100 casting competition was devised and will be introduced at Newark in 2011, with the specific objective of encouraging casters up the competition ladder. This will be open to casters who have not cast 100ft or more in any BFCC #5F or #7F event. Competitors in this category will enter the #5F and #7F events in the usual way and their longest cast in each will be added together. The winner’s trophy will be presented to the caster with the highest combined total.

It is hoped that the idea of casting in both competitions will provide the opportunity to recover, should one result be a disappointment and, also, reflect a river or stillwater fishing background of those concerned.

If eligible, please have a try – it will be fun and add to your casting experience. It certainly helped me when I started and cast with the greats of the day, as a British Casting Association ‘C’ class caster, in 1966.

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