New Tricks Mikey & Totally Sober Jono.

Here is alternative viewpoint of last weekends meeting by Roger Miles. I think it’s a bit rich of Roger to talk about Tomo grabbing the gold in his grubby little hands when he spends half his time at meetings pursuading us to part with our money…… Ah, CHUBBY, sorry Rog, I misread that bit. 

Mike H


 When Mike Heritage told me of his intention to change the format of the competition of the BFCC to bring it more in line with international standards, I got quite excited.

 Then I thought hang on a minute our own Jonathan Tomlinson will be up there to grab gold in his chubby little hands,

 Anyway it all got off to a flying start and as Mike’s own report says it went extremely well. The way it was organised by Mike Heritage & John Reynolds was flawless.

 Now last year Jonathan Tomlinson was hitting very big numbers in all distances, but on the day he was so hung over (I suspect he was nobbled the night before)  he could not even see the casting lane let alone throw a line down it, so he was very disappointed in the BFCC 2009 meeting.

 Therefore it was no surprise when every few minutes Jono came up to me and kept saying “I am sober today Rog”.  I thought, here we go, he is going to win it all.

 But big Trev saw him off in the Salmon. John Reynolds, showed him what to do with a bit of fluff in the accuracy, Lisa Isles gave him a fright in the T38. James Evans beat him by feet not inches in the T38, so well done to all you guys and girls that took part.

 Anyone that looks at the results on our website will realise that in England we have some of the best in the world.

 Now here’s the rub, Jono was the overall winner, it just goes to show that world class is world class. You are the man Jonathan.

 Next year we will start drinking two days before, so enjoy your spoils Jono, because we are coming for you.

 To sum up our event for the BFCC October meeting 2010 I have to use the words of the boss Michael Marshall, who has hosted scores of meetings over the years. He said “this is the best meeting ever”.

 Again, well  done everyone, see you at the Spring Show in March next year.

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2 Responses to “New Tricks Mikey & Totally Sober Jono.”
  1. Jonathan Tomlinson Says:

    cheers Roger! all apart from the chubby bit!


  3. John Reynolds Says:

    It seems a long time ago now but what fun it was. It was also really nice not to be stuck down the end of the casting lane all day marking as most people took turns. I would like to add that you can learn quite a lot about tracking watching from down the court. Full marks to Mike for organising the new style event. There really was some pretty good casting such as Lisa and big Trev and also James fantastic practice cast. The main problem (apart from all my rods being in Wales) was Mike and me trying to add up all the scores at the end when we ran out of fingers and went crosseyed. And they want us to organise a world championship!!!! Dream on. Well done everyone as there were a huge number of personal best casts made and well done to Tommo, enjoy the title for just one year !


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