For very sound business reasons the Fly Show has been merged with the Shooting Show at Newark on the 26th and 27th February. Unfortunately, this large event  submerges our usual casting area under tents, so the organisers are trying find us another suitable area. As the plans become clearer I will ‘keep you posted’. In the meantime we will need to have a flexible view of the situation, which is a sign of the the times in which we live.

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One Response to “SPRING FLY SHOW”
  1. chris avery Says:

    I have been reading about the Glasgow casting club and the Aberdeen outcasts, and wonder if the the resources exist to do such a thing around the east of england,Surely with Grafham just to the south and Rutland just to the north, Peterborough( the show ground for instance) or Stamford would be idealy suited to provide a park or sportshall location for groups to meet on a regular basis to hone there skills.
    Do the BFCC have any casting coaches or people training to be coaches around these areas these areas who would be willing to do such a thing.

    I am no great caster but am happy to orginise and co-ordinate such a project.
    many thanks
    Chris Avery 01832 270 447


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