Sportfish, May 2010

I am really sorry I missed this event. It coincided with a long standing comittment.

I have not had official word from ‘the horses mouth’ but Mike has just posted a general email and I think it is well worth putting up here.

I can only say that I am staggered that Mike survived to tell the tale and I am glad Alex was was able to help out on the Sunday or we may have been looking for a new chairman.

I think this proves conclusively that the BFCC are heading in the right direction and just a bit of tweaking to get the split between instructing and competing right and we will have a winning formula.

Right, over to Mr Marshall.

 Mike Heritage


Hello BFCC Casters,
In spite of overcast skies and drizzle with a nagging, cold northeasterly, the event was well attended by anglers keen to see an extensive show which was very well put together by our hosts. Apart from the usual tackle stands there were casting demonstrations, tackle testing, float tubing on the lake and, even, a cooking demonstration for the trout caught.
From a BFCC perspective we have never been so busy with tuition and our small team, at times, only just coped, but we did! Roger did his usual welcoming performance to get people involved, assisted by Jan who added glamour to the proceedings and Alex, newly returned from teaching in Russia, taught on Sunday. As a club we owe them a lot for their efforts and the funds raised, which will be very useful in future.
Of personal interest was, really for the first time, there were repeat visitors who had been to previous BFCC Meetings and also brought friends this time, which shows we must be doing something right! As an example, one client from July last, had improved so much that I just wish we had the space to do ‘the have a go for gold badges’ – he would have managed 30yds for certain, whereas last year he was in the very low twenties. It just goes to show what a little encouragement and practise will do. Anyway, all is not lost as he could not be kept away from this July’s Meeting.
Please have a look at Roger’s pictures of well known demonstrators on our stand. Mike, also returned from a trip north of the border, will post these on the website as soon as possible.
Following our exploits at Reading I am sure you would like to join me in welcoming four new Members to the Club. They are: Sally Taylor; Mark Kirkhouse; Mick Copeman; Alan Corker.
Their casting sessions were very rewarding because good progress was made, and with more to be expected. To this end it is my sincere hope that they will be able to come to the July Meeting when, hopefully, things will be less frenetic so they will have time to chat and so find out yet more about casting.

Our next meeting is at Wrexham on Sunday June 13 at 10am, so please let me know if you can make it. I will be very grateful if you can pass the word around as The BFCC is trying
very hard to spread its geographical range and this is published in Trout Fisherman Magazine.
Mike Marshall

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