Another Perspective

Roger Miles posted this as a comment to my piece about Newark. I think it’s too good to waste there. So here it is.

Everyone did a great job.

John Reynolds showed what ‘True Grit’ was, turning up and checking us out for safety etc.. and continued instructing even though he was not his usual 110%. Thanks big fella.

Mike Heritage worked all the time teaching and still had a joke for everyone. Now that he doesn’t eat breakfast anymore he turns up even earlier, putting us all to shame.

Jono managed to thrill all the crowd with his one man shows and still found time to help us out with teaching (oh! and beat Mike Heritage in the shootouts LOL). I have known some of the great demonstrators at shows over the years, and I will predict here and now that Jonathan Tomlinson is going to be amongst the best of them.

Alex flew all three flags. Russian British and Polish, what a guy, thanks are the ??????? (for you english speaking only that is Russian for Man). Alex did not even get time to buy a coffee, as he was busy teaching.

Mike Marshall did what he does best, make sure it all runs smoothly and was, as usual, the last man standing.

A special welcome to Mark Surtees, he stayed on the field 100% in all weather and taught effortlessly to the newcomers – really put them at ease. What a find Mark is for the BFCC, I hope he joins us full time.

Lastly but not least, I must thank Dr. Vernon Wood for his help on the stand. Vernon was professional, witty and had a very gentle way of persuading potential clients to try us out. More than once or twice the ladies stopped and listened to his charming voice. The only trouble was that he then gave them to MM for lessons, as Jono said earlier. Oh! and he got his 30 yard badge, congratulations you old dog.

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  1. Jonathan Tomlinson Says:

    Very kind words Rog many thanks!


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