Willesborough 2016


For those of you that wonder what a day at a BFCC event can do for you then I suggest you pop here  and have a read http://www.flyfishing.co.uk/casting/347130-bfcc-give-go.html . Many Thanks Ed, we really appreciate your comments.

Horrible day for competing but a great day for instructing. You can’t have everything, can you. After the rain on the previous day the air was heavy and nothing flew, even with the help of breeze that came and went and changed direction now and then.

We were pleased to have a visit from Mike Marshall, who immediately stepped into instructor mode and also went on to cast a new V70 record in the T38 of 151′ 8”, which just goes to show that it’s technique that counts, not brute force.

On the competition front there really isn’t  anything outstanding to comment on, James and Steve outshone on the day but were hotly pursued buy Mick Copeman in the #5 and Craig Brown in other events. Where are you serious distance guys? we need to add some spice to the comps.

Mike, Mark Surtees and I, with some help from Bob Goble, gave those that came for instruction some pretty intensive instruction on the day. As you read in Ed Turneys comments we do our best to help improve the casting of those that ask for help.

You may have read that The BFCC had several rods stolen a while ago and we are in the process of replacing them so we are very grateful for some outfits that have been donated. Charles Jardine has donated a #5 Sonic. Dan Shillabeer for 8′ 6′ #4 with reel and line, perfect for some of our younger members and students and, Steve Parkes for a 9′ 6” #7 Atom Six, for the big boys to play with. Many thanks guys, we really do appreciate it.

Willesborough Cricket Club once again proved superb hosts and a big thank you to Bobby Ades and others who provided the refreshment.

I am sure I speak for everyone when I send our best wishes to Wendy Bath who is fighting a serious illness. Go Girl.

Mike H

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