Shenfield 2013

Who would have thought that an October meeting would still be shorts weather? But it was and Trevor Hayman wore them to prove it and several others of us wished we had done the same. Along with the sunshine however came absolutely still conditions, the very slight breeze that occasionally got up was just a baby’s breath and neither helped or hindered us. We didn’t get the dead air dumping we had in Glasgow but we still couldn’t get the lines to fly, especially in the morning when the grass was covered in dew that wouldn’t disappear. Despite that we had an enjoyable day with some stiff competition. John ‘machine gun’ Reynolds shot himself in the foot by suggesting we do dry fly accuracy instead of wet fly so his usual rapid fire technique had to give way to a more refined style and he only came third instead of his usual first. Mark Surtees however found that refined suited him perfectly and proceeded to win the event.
No big casts in the five or seven events but Dan Shillabeer and Danny Keane acquitted themselves very well for their first time competing. One other name you might not recognise is Roger Simeon. Take my word you will be hearing a lot about him in the future. He is a 12 year old lad with a huge potential. He set a new J13 record of 104′ 7” while casting for a distance badge, a phenomenal cast in those conditions.
I cocked up in the st27 by putting the wrong tip on my rod and I broke my trusty old Bloke XL50 when casting in the seven. Not that either made any difference to the results with James Evans winning the st27 and relative new comer Steve Parkes winning the seven after a shootout with James because they had tied in the competition. John Reynolds showed us the way home in T38 and Steve Parkes thumped out a winning 192′ 11” in the T120.
Trevor Hayman took the honours in the B100 and Mick Copeman won the B110. Dan Shillabeer qualified for his 25yd badge and young Roger Simeon qualified for his 30yd badge, very well done both of you.
James Evans won the overall event.

The BFCC would like to thank everyone who attended for helping out with all the tasks that are so necessary for the day to run smoothly.

So, that’s another casting season done with.

We hope to see you all again next year.

Please see below for an interesting addition to this post:

Member Dan Shillabeer shot this short movie clip of BFCC coach John Reynolds  making double hauling look so easy.  John was using Dan’s Shakepeare Trion rod loaded with a John Norris WF7 line.

Click on the link below to see the movie.

Here is another short clip of John putting out a full line with just a single haul.

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