Results – Newark 28/02/09

The BFCC completed its first exhibition very successfully and, over the two day Spring Fly Show, sold lots of casting tuition sessions, Distance Badges and casting books. It was, in fact, great to see such good results from the major efforts put in by those keen BFCC Members who participated.

Casting took place in largely overcast conditions with a light southwesterly breeze and the results were:

#5F – Jonathan Tomlinson 128′ 8″ ; Mike Heritage  117′ 9″ ; Alex Titov  115′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  103′ ; John Reynolds  102′ ; Roger Miles  102′ .

#7F – John Reynolds  130′ 6″ ; Jonathan Tomlinson  126′ 6″ ; Mike Heritage 124′ 4″ ; Alex Titov  121′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  119′ ; Roger Miles  102′ 6″; Terry Jenner  91′ 1″ .

A highlight was fifteen years old Carl Malpass who cast a #7F outfit to achieve his 40yd Badge – well done indeed!

The proud recipients of Distance Badges were:         25 yds – Vee Carlson, David Adlard, Stephen Lindley. 30 yds – Bob Carlson, Terry Mann, Angus McLeod, Roger Smith, Adam Worker. 35 yds – Lee Kelly, Shane Carlton, Peter Major. 40 yds – Carl Malpass.

Reporter – Mike Marshall

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4 Responses to “Results – Newark 28/02/09”
  1. Mike Heritage Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Those are the bare facts about the competition. I think a few words about how the BFCC enjoyed their foray into our first public event might be in order. Don’t be bashful, it was brilliant and very successful.

    Mike H


  3. Jonathan Tomlinson Says:

    Was a great event nice to see some new guys having a crack and doing very well!


  5. David Fisher Says:

    I went to the Newark show and I have to say that I found it very good. All the BFCC guys were most helpful. I had already met Mike Marshall at one of his Brentwood events. I bought a copy of his book at Newarkand very good it is too, even though it is now about 15 years old. The principles remain the same. I received some excellent tuition from Mike Heritage. I can recommend BFCC to anyone interested, and I hope to see BFCC at Newark and other events in the future.


  7. mikeh Says:

    Thank you David, it was our pleasure.

    We have another event in Brentwood in October, that’s not too far from you. Have a look in the calender section for the date.

    Mike H


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