Results: Jersey, Channel Islands. 29th September 2018

For once we had a nice wind for a BFCC casting competition, a steady ~10mph blowing from the north-east. The temperature was warm enough for the casters to be in T-shirts all day, probably for the last time this year. As usual the heavier gear, T38, S55g and T120 was cast in the morning and the #5F, #7F and ST27 in the afternoon. All distances are in feet and inches:

#5F – James Evans 127.07; Ross Bannerman 126.00; Tracy Thomas 113.02*; Kevin White 107.06; Craig Foggo 81.02; Dominic Palmeri 78.11
* Tracy recorded a cast of 121.00 in a separate timed record attempt.

#7F – James Evans 130.03; Tracy Thomas 128.01; Ross Bannerman 124.10; Kevin White 119.11; Dominic Palmeri 88.08; Bob McGinnigle 83.02; Craig Foggo 75.09; John Dunmall 71.05

ST27 – James Evans 152.10; Ross Bannerman 147.00; Kevin White 137.06; Tracy Thomas 130.03; Dominic Palmeri 117.01; Bob McGinnigle 97.07

S55g – James Evans 183.09*; Ross Bannerman 160.09; Tracy Thomas 156.02; Kevin White 146.08; Bob McGinnigle 117.09; Steve Bailey 117.09; Bob Mallet 102.06
*James recorded a cast of 204.00 in a separate timed record attempt

T38 – James Evans 184.00; Ross Bannerman 174.01; Kevin White 143.08; Bob McGinnigle 117.08

T120 – James Evans 200.10; Ross Bannerman 163.03; Bob Mallet 150.04; Tracy Thomas 148.06; Bob McGinnigle 127.09; Steve Bailey 112.00
Unfortunately due to a line breakage Kevin was unable to compete in the T120.

Overall event (points): 1st James Evans 6; 2nd Ross Bannerman 13; 3rd Tracy Thomas 21

Records: Tracy extended her women’s #5, #7 and S55g records. James claimed the S55g men’s record.

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