Results: Jersey, Channel Islands. 10/08/2019

Unusually for a BFCC meeting there was a strong wind forecast for the casting competition and thoughts of big casts were in a number of competitors minds. However, once the lane marker flags were set out it was clear that we weren’t going to have things easy – the flags often indicated winds at right angles or more within the space of 10 metres denoting the swirly nature of the wind. As such many seemingly good loops collapsed due to wind shear. That said, there were some great distances recorded and a number of records produced. Casting commenced with the heavy outfits, T38, T120 and S55g and proceeded onto the #5, #7 and ST27 in the afternoon. The accuracy event was cast last.
All results are in feet and inches:

#5F – Ross Bannerman 127.09; James Evans 125.05; Tracy Thomas 115.07; Kevin White 113.10

#7F – James Evans 136.08; Tracy Thomas 121.03; Ross Bannerman 120.09; Kevin White 118.02; Clive Dunford 95.02; Bob McGinnigle 77.03

In a timed record attempt James Evans cast 146.06 beating the previous men’s overall record held by Mike Marshall.

ST27 – Ross Bannerman 159.05; James Evans 143.01; Kevin White 140.05; Tracy Thomas 127.06

In a timed record attempt Tracy extended her ST27 record to 138.08

S55g – James Evans 194.11; Ross Bannerman 184.08; Tracy Thomas 175.06; Bob McGinnigle 168.07; Kevin White 168.05; Bob Mallet 140.00

T38 – James Evans 180.00; Ross Bannerman 178.05; Kevin White 173.03; Tracy Thomas 144.00; Bob McGinnigle 116.06

T120 – James Evans 223.06; Ross Bannerman 185.01; Kevin White 181.00; Tracy Thomas 170.05; Bob McGinnigle 157.00; Bob Mallet 138.02

Accuracy (points) – Ross Bannerman 45; Kevin White 33; James Evans 23; Clive Dunford 19; Bob McGinnigle 14; Darren L’Enfant 9

Overall: 1st James Evans (11), 2nd Ross Bannerman (12), 3rd Kevin White (24)

Records: Ross Bannerman demonstrated that there is at least one advantage to getting old, he’s now casting in the S50 category and took the following records: #5, ST27, S55g and accuracy. Great casting Ross! Tracy extended her female records in ST27, S55g and T120. James Evans took the #7 overall record which had stood for over a decade.

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