Oswestry June 2014

Oh what a perfect day. Lovely weather, lovely people. What more could you ask for?

Now I don’t compete with the same level of intensity I did a year or two ago and I am more focused on the instruction part of the meeting I get a slightly different perspective on how the day goes. In fact it’s pretty much switched 180deg as I now see far less of the competition and a lot more of the people who come for the instruction and have a far greater appreciation for what they get out of the day. We can make a huge difference in many cases. For instance we had two guys, Phil Stott and Raj Boojawon, who would have struggled to hit forty or fifty feet in the morning and by the end of the day were double hauling like pros and getting their 25yd badges. Huge smiles all round, not least on the face of Mark Surtees who has to take the lions share of the credit for getting them there. Other successes include Paul Ainsworth who did the treble and achieved his 25, 30 and 35yd badges and Richard Jaques  his 30yrd badge and Nigel Conlon who achieved his 50yd badge with the T120 during competition. Absolutely well done guys.

It was a very well attended meeting so I won’t be able to mention everyone but congratulations to James Evans for winning the #5, #7, ST27 and T120 events with some really nice casts that saw him the over all winner on the day. John Reynolds popped out a good cast on the T38 to take first place and then finished with a flourish to win the accuracy event. Steve Parkes is still suffering from tennis elbow but managed to throw some very respectable casts, even I managed to come second in one or two.

Not forgetting the Ladies, well done Tracy for extending her T120 record to 163′ 7”.

Many thanks to everyone for helping out during the day, we really do appreciate it, the meetings would be very difficult to run without your help.

Finally, a big thank you to the rugby club  for being such great hosts.

See you all next year,


Mike H

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