New Book by Mike Marshall

FLY-FISHING FOR BUSINESS WELLBEINGA story of keeping physically and mentally fit in work and beyond

Our very own Mike Marshall has written another book on fly fishing and casting, though this time he has focused on the benefits of fly fishing to your wellbeing considering all the potential stressors that you experience day to day. It’s a really interesting memoir of Mike’s life with an autobiographical approach; interlacing his many enjoyable fishing antics with descriptions of his working experiences over a long career in engineering. Even in his retirement, Mike fully supports the BFCC and has written about the Club exploits in Chapter 16.

“We all know that we should keep physically fit and mentally sharp throughout life and with the achievement of these objectives one ends up having an enjoyable and stress-free leisure. It is likely that this will all take place in a very pleasant natural outdoor environment. However, it is true to say that many people expend much time, effort and money seeking these desirable outcomes, often without sufficient information to know if their project is viable or not, given their personal circumstances. Sports, such as ball games, are unsuitable due to being stressfully competitive and require running which, with age, we find increasingly difficult. Games, such as chess, exercise the mind well but do not require fast reactions and are also competitive. Then there is the ‘gym’, which is usually indoors and requires boring, comparatively slow repetitions or running on a treadmill.
So, having taught countless people to cast a fly and had their feedback, Mike Marshall would like to pass on his accumulated knowledge, mostly gathered in parallel with the demands of a senior management career in engineering. This is not a ‘detailed, how to do it’ book, but more a light-hearted anecdotal account of the various key factors leading to successful exploits in a wide range of fly-fishing situations. In this way he hopes to convey the fact that fly fishing, probably unexpectedly, contains all the elements required to create personal physical and mental wellbeing, but is free of the unwanted aspects mentioned earlier.”

The book trailer is available on YouTube. The book can be purchased for only £9.99 paperback (or £11.99 hardback) on the publisher’s website or Waterstones or on Amazon (where you can purchase it as an e-book for only £3.50). ISBN: 9781398403499

The book has been recently promoted in the Daily Mail

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2 Responses to “New Book by Mike Marshall”
  1. Ian J Grubb Says:

    Over the years I have read about the BFCC. Unfortunately, often after an event.
    I am pleased to see you have a good website with lists of events.
    However, I live in Warwickshire and never seems to see an event near me. This is a shame as Warwickshire and the NEC are so well placed for a huge number of interested people to access.
    Maybe you could organise an event in conjunction with the Birmingham Angler’s Association, which is reputed to be one of the largest angling associations in the world.
    Alternatively you could work in conjunction with local angling associations to set up an event location for you. I hope you find this constructive.
    Ian J Grubb
    Member- Solihull Flydressers, Burford Angling Club, Caersws Angling Association.


  3. Tracy Says:

    Hi Ian, thank you for your comment. We have previously organised several meetings in the Midlands, however we require a local person to help us with the organisation of these meetings. Only yesterday we had someone attend the Cheshire Meeting who lives in the Midlands and offered to support organising a meeting. I will provide your information to him and hopefully we can arrange a BFCC Meeting somewhere in the Midlands again in 2023.
    Kind regards
    Tracy (on behalf of the BFCC)


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