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Happy New Year to all fellow BFCC members. I am pleased to say that there are more of you each year. Mike Marshall was telling me the other day that our membership far exceeds that of the old BCA (British Casting Association) from back in the day (‘s that only Mike is old enough to remember). Of course back then it was word of mouth, telephone or letters. Not like today when we can catch you at your computer or iphone.

 2010 was another good year for the club. All of our events were well attended , we made new friends and reached parts other clubs can’t reach. One of the benefits of not being associated in any way with the taint of commercialism or any other group is that we are not seen as a threat to any particular group. Any and everyone are welcome to attend any of our meetings or events without the risk of being seen as one thing or another. We are an inclusive club, not an exclusive one. I honestly believe we are what we say on the tin, The Home Of Friendly Fly Casting, or, the Friendly Home Of Fly Casting, I can never remember. Our aim is to create, re-kindle or re-inforce your enthusiasm for fly casting. This should benefit the whole fly casting and fly fishing community from shops to instructors and you.

This year we will be travelling around our usual haunts (Newark, Reading, Wrexham, Brentwood) plus, we are going north of the border for the first time with our event in Glasgow. I have heard whispers that there might be other possibilities as well. More on that if Mike M’s tireless work comes to fruition.

 Once again, if any of you would like to contribute and article just send it to me (Mike Heritage) as an email. I promise the only thing I will do is put it through the spell checker ( like wot i doo for miself) before I publish it.

 We look forward to seeing you all again this year.


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