Cullumpton 2016

It was great to get the BFCC roadshow up and running with the first event of the year at the Cullompton cricket club ground in Devon.  There was a good turn-out of fly-fishers from the local area and from much further afield, thankfully the motorways were clear!

On arrival everybody was refreshed with tea and coffee and the introductory briefing was provided by Mark Surtees and myself.  We then commenced the fly-casting with a demo from Trevor Hayman AAPGAI on single handed Spey casting.  Several people commented that Trevor made these casts look so effortless.

Casters were then split into groups for tuition, led by Mark Surtees MCI, Sekhar Bahadur MCI, Mike Heritage MCI and Trevor AAPGAI.  These instructors ensured that everyone attending the event got the best instruction possible, and they are all very much thanked for their efforts.  Those participating included four young lads, who are very keen anglers, taking advantage of the BFCCs new policy of free membership and tuition for juniors.  Andy Parker, Rob Doyle and John Clark are also thanked for providing extra tuition when needed.

As far as the competition went, Steve Parkes’ practice has paid off with him taking top spot in the #5 event with a stunning cast of over 126ft (the first time he’s gone over 40 yards in a 5 weight comp) as well as winning the ST27 event.   John Clark won the B100 in his first ever BFCC competition, closely followed by John Dawson.  The #7, T38 and T120 events were mopped up by James Evans.   I managed to extend my women’s records with the #5 and T120 outfits, which I was particularly pleased about – hopefully there’s more distance to come as I work on some specific details.  At this point I should also mention young James Mockridge, he did a fantastic job of judging one of the casting lanes and then went on to cast 65ft himself once the competition was completed.  Many thanks James, next time I think you’ll give your dad a run for his money!

Finally a big ‘Thank You’ to John Dawson for his sterling effort to promote the event which resulted in such a good turn-out and to Richard and his wife from the Cricket Club who hosted the event and provided a constant supply of drinks. Thank you also to Rob and Tony for the lunch-time sandwich run, and to everyone else who helped out during the day, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The next BFCC event is the Sportfish show in Theale on the 7/8th of May.  We will be providing instruction and advice, so please pop over and say hello if you’re attending.  The next competition day is on the 22nd of May in Ashford, Kent.


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