Cullumpton 2015

Sorry for the delay in reporting but things have been a bit hectic.

I think I left home at 4am for the drive down to Devon and when I arrived at about 8.30 it was blowing quite strongly but as luck would have it the wind gradually eased off during the day to a stiff breeze. Luckily it remained fairly constant in direction so we were not inconvenienced too much during the day.

An unfortunate set of circumstances meant that we were a bit light from the normal crew. James and Tracy were on holiday and we heard a few days before the event that Alan was having severe back problems so neither he nor Wendy could make it. A speedy recovery Alan.

Thanks to a sterling effort by Mark Surtees and Trevor Hayman those that came for instruction were given as much help as was possible. They also both helped John Bunce to improve his casting from his wheelchair. Both of them also gave short workshops, Mark on presentation casts and Trev on single handed Spey casting. I missed Marks but was very impressed with Trevors easy style of demonstrating. Thank you both very much for your hard work.

Our shortage of normal crew meant I had to be more hands on than normal in the competition and David Fisher and I organised it between us, with, I’m glad to say, a lot of help from those that wanted to compete. In fact it went so well we were done and dusted by about 3.30. As you see by the results there were no humungous casts but Rob Doyles 196′ with the T120 was a noble effort.

One reason this piece is late is that I attended the EWF event near Munich last weekend which meant I had the pleasure of presenting Toby Merrigan with his trophies at his Funky Fly Tying stand at the event because he had to leave Cullumpton early in the afternoon.

A big Thank You to Richard and his wife who hosted the event and provided a constant supply of tea and coffee and even made sandwiches to order, how cool is that?

A big thanks to everyone who helped out during the day, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Mike H

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