Cullumpton 2014

Hi Guys, I’m sorry for the delay in posting but I have been suffering a bad back. Sitting down was fine, it was the getting up afterwards that was painful so I have been standing or laying and neither is conducive to writing.

James pretty much summed it up with his foreword to the results. We got off lightly if the forecasts were to be believed, which they rarely are.

This is the first time I have done a BFCC event and not been very involved in the competition. With Mike Marshall still indisposed I took over his instructing role, with very grateful assistance from Trevor Hayman, that’s to say I was grateful, I’m not sure about Trevor.

It’s clear to see from the results that James, Tracy and Steve managed to get some practice in over the winter as they came out all guns blazing whereas some of us were trying to remember which end of the rod to hold. James especially has improved out of sight with the tournament gear, 183′ with the T38 is impressive enough but the 220′ with the T120 is a huge improvement from last year, really well done James. Steve Parkes was a bit below par because he was suffering with tennis elbow but still managed some really good casts. Alan Bath took the B100 with some nice casting, doubly impressive when you take into consideration he had a horrible winter health wise. Trevor won the B110 and moves up to elite. Well done Trev. Tracy improved  her T120 ladies record to 155′. Nice going Tracy.

Several Thank You’s. James, Tracy and David Fisher for running the comp. Wendy Bath for taking everyones money with a smile. Alan Bath for timing and keeping everyone in order. Trevor for his more than able assistance (and letting me cast his Winston, nice rod btw). John Dawson and Alan Barrow for helping promote the day. Everyone who helped put the gear up and take it down again, which was pretty much everyone. And, last but not least, Cullumpton CC for making us so welcome.

If I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry, this is all from memory………and I don’t have one.

Mike H

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