Cullumpton 2012

My goodness we get about, last weekend we were instructing at the Kent Game Fair near Maidstone, this weekend we had our first real event of the year at Cullumpton in Devon, our first venture in the west country. Despite¬†it, apparently, being the first day of the season we had a remarkable turnout. More than twenty wanted to compete and several others decided to concentrate on the instruction being offered. Rumour has it that this is likely to be an annual event, we will certainly be there next year anyway, it’s already booked!

We would like to welcome the new members, Bryan Martin, Tim Edwards, Tom Hill, Matthew Kelly, Fiona Smith, Alan Barrow and David Chester and congratulate the winners of the various events. Also, a very well done to those who achieved their distance badges. Another five yards next year please.

The weather conditions were much better than forecast, bright and sunny all day with, what should have been, a perfect breeze. However, something was wrong because it was just one of those days when the line ‘hit the wall’ and crashed and burned. If the line had actually managed to turn over instead of piling most of the distances would have been substantially better. Despite that John Reynolds hit a very respectable 183′ 1” with the T38 and Matt Tonkin (who seems to have shrunk) popped the T120 out to 206′ 3”. Toby Merrigan needs to be watched as he won the #9 weight with 123′. Alan Bath nearly had it with a very good throw of around 122′ I believe. James Evans took the seven 122′ 9” and I scraped the five with 113′ 3”. Alan Bath won the B100 with a very good aggregate score of 192′ 4”.

The BFCC would like to say thank you all for making us feel welcome and providing such wonderful facilities and we are already looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our next instructing event is at Sportfish Reading 12th and 13th May.


Mike H

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  1. David Fisher Says:

    I think everyone who went to Cullompton would agree that it was a superb day. The venue, the company, the competition and atmosphere were enjoyed by all. Of the dozen or so BFCC meetings I have attended, Cullompton would be my favourite – even the sun shone on a warm early spring day. I look forward to attending next year’s Cullompton meeting ,


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