Brentwood, And Beyond

The casting may not have been the furthest but apart from that we had another hugely successful day at Brentwood to finish our season off. It’s a shame there wasn’t a slightly more consistent breeze, it veered 180 degrees at times, but who am I to complain, it was always on my back when I cast.

 We had a draw for our casting slots and it worked very well, the luck of the draw meant that a couple of members who used alcohol to calm the nerves the night before had a little time to reflect that perhaps it wasn’t the best plan they had ever had. I stuck to Coke and, as you see, it paid off handsomely.

 Another innovation was the introduction of members coming along specifically for instruction. Most, if not all, made significant progress through the day and many qualified for one of the distance badges. The only downside of this was that poor Mike Marshall spent all day instructing, but judging by the comments I overheard it was well appreciated. He even took the time to sort out some specific casting problems caused by a hand injury that has been plaguing one of our new members for ages.

 We have a new lady member who could soon find herself in our record books. Tracy Thomas cast beautiful loops with a very simple and effective technique to qualify for her 30yrd badge, and our youngest member, Nicholas Surtees, is well on the way with a stonking 42’+. Not bad for seven years old is it?

 I will add some new photos to the Gallery when I get them, thanks to Terry Jenner. It all depends on the Post Office though.

 So, that’s it for this year, and what a year it has been. We are in a very healthy position, we have a lot of new members and there a buzz I haven’t seen since I joined. Plans are already underway for next year.

 One of us will do a review of the BFCC year later but in the meanwhile if you feel you have something to contribute by way of an article or want to make any comment then please do.

 Oh, one last thing. I have heard nothing but praise for the new web site so a big thank you to Mike Marshall who was inspirational in getting it off the ground.

 See you all next year.

 Mike Heritage

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