Brentwood, 18th October

This is just a reminder that the final meeting of the year is coming up soon.

 Brentwood is traditionally out busiest meeting of the year, but not this year. Newark and Reading were both huge successes for the club and we were all extremely busy competing and instructing so just competing will make a nice change.

 For those of you that have been playing around with the idea of coming along to a BFCC event then this is the one for you. Most BFCC members will be there so it is your chance to see some fantastic distance casting, pick some brains and get a bit of one to one tuition, if you feel the need. You can also cast many of the rods that are either the clubs or the ones some of us bring along to cast with, just put them back where you found them is all we ask. If you bring something exotic along please be prepared to lose it for an hour or two while some of us thrash the life out of it!

 I think I am right in saying that club records have been broken at the last two Brentwood meetings so this might just be your chance to see one of the longest casts the world has ever seen. I know at least a couple of members are capable of doing it, if the conditions are favorable.

 See you there

 Mike Heritage

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One Response to “Brentwood, 18th October”
  1. Jonathan Tomlinson Says:

    will see you all there lets hope for good weather and a good turn out!


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