The predicted steady 10mph wind didn’t really materialise, there was a light breeze but it was inconsistent in strength and direction.  Casting started with the tournament gear, T120 & T38, and then the #5, #7 and ST27 events were completed after the lunch break (and a change of casting direction).

Distances are in feet and inches:

#5F – Mike Heritage 123.02;  James Evans 120.10;  Steve Parkes 119.07;  Mick Copeman 107.09;  David Fisher 96.08; Lee Martell 96.06;  Trevor Hayman 91.09;  Keith Jones 89.08;  Dan Shillabeer 89.05;  Tracy Thomas 85.04; Adam Ashwell 62.07

#7F – Steve Parkes 125.08;  James Evans 118.11;  Lee Martell 115.09;  Trevor Hayman 115.08;  Mike Heritage 111.10; Mick Copeman 110.05;  Dan Shillabeer 106.04;  Tracy Thomas 104.03;  David Fisher 104.01;  Keith Jones 93.02; Adam Ashwell 65.07;  Peter Lovett 63.07

B100 (#5 + #7) – Dan Shillabeer 195.09; Keith Jones 182.10; Adam Ashwell 128.02; Peter Lovett 126.02

B110 (#5 + #7) – Mick Copeman 218.0; David Fisher 200.09; Tracy Thomas 189.07

ST27 – James Evans 145.09; Lee Martell 137.00; Mick Copeman 131.05; Trevor Hayman 131.04; Mike Heritage 128.10; Steve Parkes 128.02; Tracy Thomas 127.10; Dan Shillabeer 121.10; David Fisher 113.10; Adam Ashwell 63.05

T38 – James Evans 163.07; Mike Heritage 159.04; Trevor Hayman 141.05; Tracy Thomas 138.02; Steve Parkes 138.00; Mick Copeman 134.08; Brian Szukala 130.06; Lee Martell 125.03; David Fisher 123.10

T120 – James Evans 204.00; Steve Parkes 178.06; Brian Szukala 177.11; Trevor Hayman 166.05; Mike Heritage 162.01; Lee Martell 159.05; Tracy Thomas 147.07; David Fisher 131.08

Meeting championship points – James Evans 7; Steve Parkes 17; Mike Heritage 18; Trevor Hayman 22; Lee Martell 25; Mick Copeman 28; Tracy Thomas 36; David Fisher 40

Mick Copeman extends his #5F and ST27 records in the S70 age class.

Congratulations to Dan Shillabeer whose practice has paid off with a 35yd badge with a #7 weight outfit.  Also well done to David Fisher for casting 40yds with the T38 outfit.

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One Response to “RESULTS – ASHFORD, KENT 30th MAY 2015”
  1. Mark Weatherley Says:

    What a very enjoyable day I had . Everybody was so friendly , even though it is a competition day. I was made very welcome to the point where I was even asked to do the timekeeping for the morning session . Having a casting lesson from one of the regular competitors was such a good idea and it is something I would suggest all novice anglers do , as it helps to show where you can improve and polish your technique, ( I will hopefully be able to cast as far if not further with better presentation all day without feeling exhausted) .I shall make a point of telling all new anglers that I meet on my fishing days out to visit one of the BFCC shows


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