The Spring Show 2010

What a relief to be casting again. How fantastic is to spend two days doing something you have only been dreaming about for the last four or five months. What a joy it is to work with some truly outstanding guys for two whole days. As you may gather Newark 2010 was another resounding success for the BFCC.

 We are limited to casting in two directions. The direction was ok for right handers but, especially on Saturday, it was a bit of a pain for left handers. Luckily there is plenty of room to cast outside our designated competition area so tuition for left handers wasn’t a problem. Lefty’s casting for their distance badges may have struggled a bit though, sorry about that.

 Nasty cold and biting east wind most of the day on Saturday so the casting comp was virtually across the wind. Although not conducive to huge casts some of the distances were still pretty impressive. Well done Tomo who won both the five and seven events ( said through gritted teeth because I was second in both events!).

 Roger and Dr Vernon Wood provided a steady stream of people to instruct interspersed with the occasional cup of coffee (thank you Roger) to make sure none of the instructors actually suffered acute hypothermia and frost bite.

 This year we had more instructors on the field and it gave us the chance to have the odd break, which was very welcome.

 Now for the difficult bit. All the instructors did a fantastic job but most of us have done this sort of thing for a while now, so we know what to expect. Mark Surtees is a new member and came along for the first time. Mark would be the first to admit he is not a distance freak like most of the rest of us, however he proved to be an outstanding instructor, especially with beginners and improvers. He certainly dug me out of more than one hole. I’m the first to admit I struggle with absolute beginners but he had them casting a nice loop in the allotted time.

 John Reynolds got off his sick bed to be with us and Alex Titov was in shorts and tee shirt because he said it was so warm after Siberia (not really, he was shivering like the rest of us).

 Tomo helped out between other commitments and Mike Marshall only taught pretty women, how much he paid Roger to arrange this I have no idea.

Very well done to all those who achieved their distance badges and a special mention to Chris Walker who tried to wear me out. I expect you to be near the 35yrd mark next year Chris, you don’t want Bigfoot or Richard to beat you.

 Casting again, wonderful

 Mike H

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  1. Jonathan Tomlinson Says:

    “Mike Marshall only taught pretty women, how much he paid Roger to arrange this I have no idea”

    A sterling job as usual but quote of the year so far I think! 😉


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