This joint BFCC – Sportfish Meeting was a great success and the BFCC owes Jonathan Tomlinson and his Sportfish colleagues a considerable debt of gratitude. Not only was their hospitality second to none, but they provided many anglers needing tuition, Badge Scheme casters and a few competition entrants.

The weather was not particularly helpful with occcasional drizzle and a moderate westerly breeze which was, unavoidably, slightly across the casting line. However, such was the general enthusiasm, it did not cause a problem and some very good distances were achieved, particularly for Badges, where there were some very proud recipients.


#5F Distance – Alex Titov 115′; Jonathan Tomlinson 112′ 1″; Mike Heritage 111′; Tony Bennett 99′ 6″; Ronald Girnus 94′ 6″; Steve Kemp 93′; Terry Jenner 84′ 8″.

#7F Distance – John Renolds 136′ 2″ (congratulations PB); Jonathan Tomlinson 128′ 3″; Mike Heritage 124′ 1″; James Evans 117′ 3″; Roger Miles 106′ 6″ (congratulations PB); Tony Bennett 102′ 7″; Alex Titov 100′ 8″; Ronald Girnus 98′ 10″; Steve Kemp 96′ 5″; Steve Fox 85′ 3″ ; John Kelly 74′.

25 yd Badges – P R Coker, D J Edwards, Steve Fox.                                                 

30 yd Badges – M J Williams, Steven Davies, Matthew Gregory, Vince Granata.                                                                                                                                            

35 yd Badges – Ronald Girnus, James Evans.                                                             

40 yd Badge – Peter Mcleod.

For an example of triumph over adversity, nothing beats our newest member Stevie Davies, who struggled up from South Wales with a broken hip. Over three periods of tuition, casting from a chair, he ended up casting in fine style with double haul. What, I wonder, would he be capable of when fully fit – keep up the good work Stevie?

The next BFCC Meeting is at The Brentwood Centre on the 18 Oct. 2009.

Reporter – Mike Marshall

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