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At the GAIA meeting in North Wales on the 9th March, Roger who was a GAIC (single handed casting), took another step up the qualification ladder. After a searching three hour examination he achieved APGAI – Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (single handed casting), resulting from a great deal of dedicated preparation. Our congratulations and thanks are due to Roger since I know his knowledge will, ultimately, be used for the benefit of all at BFCC Meetings.

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  1. TOMO Says:

    Well done Rog, many congrats!


  3. David Fisher Says:

    Great Result Roger, and thoroughly deserved I’m sure. Looking forward to meeting up with you again at Cullompton.


  5. Roger Miles Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I will be at Detling, so hope to see you David and anyone else, drop in and say hello to the BFCC crew.


  7. James Says:

    I think Roger should list all the letters that he can have after his name now – it will make a great anagram competition!
    Well done (again), see you in Devon


  9. andrew parker Says:

    Congratulations again Roger!


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