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Posted by mike On March 14th, 2012

At the GAIA meeting in North Wales on the 3rd March, Roger who was a GAIC (single handed casting), took another step up the qualification ladder. After a seaching three hour examination he achieved APGAI – Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (single handed casting), resulting from a great deal of dedicated preparation. Our congratulations and thanks are due to Roger since I know that his knowledge will, ultimately, be used for the benefit of all at BFCC Meetings.

Sportfish 2011

Posted by mikeh On July 10th, 2011

Just like the old days, only better. From one point of view it wasn’t very successful but from the other it was a great day.

We did not have many non members turn up for tuition but we had loads of members turn up so the competition was really good. Because of the stiff south westerly we were restricted to casting across the grass towards the car park so we could not get the T38 or T 120 into action. As it was we were peppering car bonnets with the seven and nine weights.

Both Paul Arden and James Evens had hardly stepped off their planes from Australia and America respectively to be with us, Paul then walked off with three trophies. Well done.

Alan Bath achieved a new record in the V70 5 weight category with a cast of 94′. He deserves it for all the practice he does, Well done Alan.

Alan casts in the B100 class and there is some stiff competition. The winner is the person with the highest total distance in the five and seven events and Jamie Cashman’s 190? 11” did it this time.

We ran an accuracy event which had the unexpected bonus that it meant we all congregated in that area to help scoring and enjoy the sport of barracking whoever was casting. One member claimed not to have understood the rules on his attempt and requested another go with the proviso that we could chuck him in the lake if his score was lower on his second go. Boy, is he fit, we couldn’t catch him but the next time him and me are near water he had better watch out.

Welcome to new members Don Palmer and Alan Bowles.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it such an enjoyable day.

Because our unofficial official photographer, Terry Jenner, hasn’t been seen for a while we do not have any official or otherwise photos to add to the album. If you have some from Reading or even Wrexham please send them to me.

Our next event is at Eyebrook on the 27th August, see you there.

Mike H


Posted by mike On March 10th, 2010

The BFCC successfully completed its second public exhibition and, in spite of the recession, did nearly as well as in 2009. However, it is now clear that the expanded team operates in a very friendly and efficient way, a factor not lost on the angling public. New members Mark Surtees – tuition and Vernon Wood – stand duty, contributed very significantly to the efforts of the existing Members to produce such a good outcome.

It was good to see that our tuition is increasingly popular with the public and our visiting Members, with some from 2009 returning for a ‘refresher’. However, I suspect the Badge attempts are growing in popularity, with people returning to try for a longer distance and, even, some local fun-rivalries being settled!

The weather was generally good, if overcast to start with and very cool throughout. There was a gusty easterly wind which did not help when teaching or when the competition took place.

Competiton Results:

#5F  –  Jonathan Tomlinson 119′ 2″,  Mike Heritage 118′ 5″,  James Evans 101′ 10″,   Andrew Bagshaw 101′ 6″,  Alex Titov 98′ 5″, Mick Bell 97′ 7″, Carl Malpas (jnr) 96′ 7″,  Steven Lindley 89′ 1″,  David Fisher 82′ 5″.

#7F – Jonathan Tomlinson 128′ 5″,  Mike Heritage 125′,  Carl Malpas (jnr) 111′ 9″,  Alex Titov 109’7″,  Mick Bell 108′,  James Evans 106′ 10″,  Andrew Bagshaw 101′, David Fisher 86′ 9″,  Steven Lindley 82′ 4″.

There were some very close results at the top, which added spice to the competition, but special mention must go to Carl Malpas who, as a junior, came third in #7 – in his first casting competition!

Badge Successes:

25 yards – Paul Speed, Christopher Walker (14yrs), Richard Walker (12yrs), Peter Boyle, Simon Kearns, Alan Bath.

30 yards – Vernon  Wood, Chris Tong, David Walker.

35 yards – Terry Mann, Toby Merigan, Karl Humphries.

From a personal point of view it was great to see so many smiling faces following successful tuiton and badge attempts, which is good for the future of the Club. So, please make an entry in your diary for our next scheduled meeting at Reading on Sat. 10th July.

Reporter Mike Marshall

Results – Brentwood 18/10/09

Posted by mike On October 20th, 2009

Early morning frost disolved as a beautifully sunny autumn day developed, with a very  light, inconsistent, north west breeze. These conditions usually produce quite difficult casting conditions, with the leader not turning over, and so it proved to be. However, there was some lively and very close competition in the distance events and, also, some very good progress made in the tuition area with a number of distance Badges achieved. In fact it is hard to imagine a more enjoyable and rewarding day’s casting!

The results were as follows:

#5F Distance – Mike Heritage 106′ 9″   Jonathan Tomlinson  106′ 7″   Paul Arden 99′ 11″   James Evans 99′ 8″   Andrew Bagshaw 95′ 9″   Terry Jenner 77′ 6″    Tracy Thomas 71′ 2″   David Fisher 66′ 8″   Nicolas Surtees (7yrs) 42′ 2″

#7F Distance – Mike Heritage 124′ 4″   Andrew Bagshaw 122′ 9″PB   Paul Arden 116′ 7″   Jonathan Tomlinson 110′ 9″   James Evans 110′ 3″   Terry Jenner 91′ 1″   David Fisher 84′ 9″   Tracy Thomas 76′ 11″

T38 Distance – Paul Arden 166′ 7″   Jonathan Tomlinson 161′ 2″   Mike Heritage 154′ 10″   Andrew Bagshaw 149′ 6″   James Evans 138′ 10″   Terry Jenner 137′ 4″   David Fisher 101′ 11″   Tracy Thomas 95′ 8″

T120 Distance – Mike Marshall 211′ 7″   Terry Jenner 194′ 5″   Jonathan Tomlinson 191′ 2″   Paul Arden 186′ 7″   Andrew Bagshaw 177′ 9″   Mike Heritage 174′ 2″   David Fisher 156′ 5″ 

Distance Badges achieved: 

25Yards – Don Andrews,  Dave East,  Andy Stanbridge.

30Yards – Tracy Thomas,  Alan Tyson,  David Fisher.

45Yards – Terry Jenner.

Regarding casting competion performances, it was good to see Mike Heritage back to form in #5 and #7 – keep up the good work Mike. However, special mention must be made about Terry Jenner’s second place in T120, using a rod new to him and a borrowed line. Andrew Bagshaw’s PB in #7 was great to watch. It was also amazing to see seven year old Nicolas Surtees casting his #5 outfit in fine style after some tuition.

Distance Badges once again proved to be an area of much interest for several casters, but pride of place must go to Tracy Thomas casting 30 yards with immaculate line loops. David Fisher’s 30 yards was the result of diligently following advice received at BFCC events and putting it into practice in a very competent manner – good work David.


Posted by mike On July 14th, 2009

This joint BFCC – Sportfish Meeting was a great success and the BFCC owes Jonathan Tomlinson and his Sportfish colleagues a considerable debt of gratitude. Not only was their hospitality second to none, but they provided many anglers needing tuition, Badge Scheme casters and a few competition entrants.

The weather was not particularly helpful with occcasional drizzle and a moderate westerly breeze which was, unavoidably, slightly across the casting line. However, such was the general enthusiasm, it did not cause a problem and some very good distances were achieved, particularly for Badges, where there were some very proud recipients.


#5F Distance – Alex Titov 115′; Jonathan Tomlinson 112′ 1″; Mike Heritage 111′; Tony Bennett 99′ 6″; Ronald Girnus 94′ 6″; Steve Kemp 93′; Terry Jenner 84′ 8″.

#7F Distance – John Renolds 136′ 2″ (congratulations PB); Jonathan Tomlinson 128′ 3″; Mike Heritage 124′ 1″; James Evans 117′ 3″; Roger Miles 106′ 6″ (congratulations PB); Tony Bennett 102′ 7″; Alex Titov 100′ 8″; Ronald Girnus 98′ 10″; Steve Kemp 96′ 5″; Steve Fox 85′ 3″ ; John Kelly 74′.

25 yd Badges – P R Coker, D J Edwards, Steve Fox.                                                 

30 yd Badges – M J Williams, Steven Davies, Matthew Gregory, Vince Granata.                                                                                                                                            

35 yd Badges – Ronald Girnus, James Evans.                                                             

40 yd Badge – Peter Mcleod.

For an example of triumph over adversity, nothing beats our newest member Stevie Davies, who struggled up from South Wales with a broken hip. Over three periods of tuition, casting from a chair, he ended up casting in fine style with double haul. What, I wonder, would he be capable of when fully fit – keep up the good work Stevie?

The next BFCC Meeting is at The Brentwood Centre on the 18 Oct. 2009.

Reporter – Mike Marshall

Results – Huntingdon 10/05/09

Posted by mike On May 20th, 2009

Sunday was an almost perfect day – for holiday makers, but not for casting! We experienced almost continuous sunshine, it was humid in the morning and less so later-on, but the worst part was an occasional puff of breeze from the north east or east, followed by completely ‘dead air’. The net result was that it was almost impossible to turn the line and leader over. Tough is hardly an adequate description and distances suffered, however, those present all seemed to enjoy their day. Results were as follows:

#5F – Mike Marshall  114′ ; Andrew Bagshaw  106′ ; Alex Titov  103′ ; Mick Bell  101′ 7″ ; John Reynolds  100′ ; Carl Malpass  97′ 10″ ; Kevin Knight   93′ 11″ ; Roger Miles  87′ 8″ ; Stephen Lindley  75′ .

#7F – Alex Titov  121′ 2″ ; Carl Malpass  117′ 9″ ; Mick Bell  115′ 10″ ; John Reynolds  107′ 7″ ; Andrew Bagshaw  99′ 10″ ; Roger Miles  98′ 3″ ; Kevin Knight  96′ 11″ ; Stephen Lindley  84′ 9″ .

T38 – John Reynolds  167′ 9″ ; Andrew Bagshaw157′ 7″ ; Kevin Knight  150′ 10″ ; Mick Bell  149′ 8″ ; Stephen Lindley 143′ 9″ ; Roger Miles  140′ ; Carl Malpass  116′ 7″ .

T120 – Alex Titov  178′ ; Mick Bell  169′ 1″ ; Andrew Bagshaw  148′ 3″ ; John Reynolds  144′ ; Kevin Knight  125′ 5″ .

Performance of the day has to go to Carl Malpass (15 yrs.), down from Durham, with his all round casting, but, in particular his 117’+ in #7F. What, in the future, is this young man capable of? It was good to see Alex Titov (Russian spoken here) cast so well to win the #7F and T120, the benefits of hard work if ever I saw them. Andrew Bagshaw’s PB of 106′ in #5F pleased him no end, particularly considering the conditions. New member Stephen Lindley, from the Sheffield area, came down for some help with his casting , ended up ‘having a go and cast 143’ 9″ in T38, incredible. Finally it was great to see old friends Kevin Knight and Mick Bell doing what their right arms were made for, after absenses due to pressure of work.

Reporter – Mike Marshall

Results – Newark 28/02/09

Posted by mike On February 28th, 2009

The BFCC completed its first exhibition very successfully and, over the two day Spring Fly Show, sold lots of casting tuition sessions, Distance Badges and casting books. It was, in fact, great to see such good results from the major efforts put in by those keen BFCC Members who participated.

Casting took place in largely overcast conditions with a light southwesterly breeze and the results were:

#5F – Jonathan Tomlinson 128′ 8″ ; Mike Heritage  117′ 9″ ; Alex Titov  115′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  103′ ; John Reynolds  102′ ; Roger Miles  102′ .

#7F – John Reynolds  130′ 6″ ; Jonathan Tomlinson  126′ 6″ ; Mike Heritage 124′ 4″ ; Alex Titov  121′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  119′ ; Roger Miles  102′ 6″; Terry Jenner  91′ 1″ .

A highlight was fifteen years old Carl Malpass who cast a #7F outfit to achieve his 40yd Badge – well done indeed!

The proud recipients of Distance Badges were:         25 yds – Vee Carlson, David Adlard, Stephen Lindley. 30 yds – Bob Carlson, Terry Mann, Angus McLeod, Roger Smith, Adam Worker. 35 yds – Lee Kelly, Shane Carlton, Peter Major. 40 yds – Carl Malpass.

Reporter – Mike Marshall


Posted by mike On August 5th, 2007

#5F – Mike Heritage  119′ 6″ ; Mike Marshall  113′ 9″ ; Dean Bass  106′ 9″ ; Kevin Knight  104′ 5″ ; Tony Bennett  99′ ; Chris Cook  83′ 2″ .

#7F – Mike Marshall 132′ 1″ . Mike Heritage  132′ ; Tony Bennett  118′ 1″ ; Kevin Knight  116′ 8″ ; Chris Cook 111′ 8″ ; Dean Bass 107′ 9″ .

T38 – Mike Marshall 173′ 8″ ; Mike Heritage  168′ 2″ ; Terry Edmonds  161′ 7″ ; Colin Howlett 156′ ; Kevin Knight  141′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  131′ 3″ ; Chris Cook  128′ 2″ .

T120 – Mike Marshall  213′ 7″ ; Colin Howlett 198′ 2″ ; Terry Edmonds 194′ 5″ ; Kevin Knight 174′ 7″ ; Dean Bass 157′ 2″ ; Tony Bennett  151′ 2″ .

Badges – 35yds Dean Bass.


Posted by mike On June 6th, 2007

#5F – Mike Heritage  124′ 4″ ; Richard Flint 116′ ; Tony Bennett  112′ 9″ ; Kevin Knight  94′ 5″ ; Terry Edmonds  87′ 10″ ; Dean Bass 82′ 3″ ; Malcomb March 66′ 1″ .

#7F – Mike Heritage  141′ 8″  OR & S50 RECORDS; Richard Flint  130′ 10″ ; Tony Bennett  112′ 9″ ; Kevin Knight  108′ ; Terry Edmonds  105′ 7″ ; Colin Howlett  97′ 7″ ; Dean Bass  93′ 10″ ; Malcomb March 78′ 7″ .

T38 – Terry Edmonds  173′ ; Mike Marshall  172′ 8″ ; Richard Flint  172′ 4″ ; Steve Morris  169′ ; Tony Bennett  161′ ; Andy Miller 146′ ; Kevin Knight  140′ 3″ .

Badge – 30yds Dean Bass.

T120 – Mike Marshall  224′ 9″ ; Colin Howlett  210′ 4″ ; Terry Edmonds 195′ ; Kevin Knight  171′ 6″ ; Mike Heritage  171′ .


Posted by mike On April 15th, 2007

Shenfield cricket ground looked glorious in continuous spring sunshine, surrounded by bushes and trees in full flower, which were barely ruffled by a light northerly breeze. The event was opened at 10am by club secretary, Mike Marshall, who then gave a talk and casting demonstration to the twentyfive casters present. This was then followed by comments on safety by John Reynolds and the Club’s computer links by Mike Heritage.

The enthusiasm of the participants was clear to see from their addresses, examples being Durham, West Midlands, Norfolk and from Sussex who was eightyfive years young. Once formed into teams of three, they all cast for three minutes with WF7F outfits and their longest casts were measured and recorded on cards, together with aspects requiring tuition. Distances were good with 9 casters over 25yds, 6 over 30yds, and the longest was 35yds by Terry Edmonds which was well beyond their expectations. The winning team total was 87.7yds, and badges were then awarded to the 25, 30 and 35yd casters.

Tuition then took place in four groups over two sessions, broken by a rest for lunch and it was remarkable to see the improvements in casting styles and distances achieved. Many commented on how much less effort they needed to achieve greater distance and that their record cards would prevent them slipping into bad habits. Some casters asked if they could cast again ot quantify their improvements, with remarkable results. Six upgraded their badges from 25 to 30yds, and two upgraded from 30 to 35yds, including our only lady caster, Sue Macniven. Well done indeed!

Badges – 35yds Sue McNiven, John Forster, Kevin Knight.

Reporter – Mike Marshall