Brentwood Moves to Shenfield

I believe that part of the success of Wrexam is it’s facilities. We were all grateful for somewhere to get out of the rain for a while, have a coffee and a sandwich and make use of the tiolets. Although Brentwood is a lovely area with plenty of space it does lack these facilities. If we need a drink it can take half an hour to get there (and then find the Cafe closed)¬†and back.

About three years ago we held our first ‘open day’ event at the nearby Shenfield Cricket Club and they were kind enough to open the pavilion for our use. We have therefore decided to move our flagship event to Shenfield and the pavilion will again be open for our use. We will be able to provide tea, coffee and sandwiches. We will just charge enough to cover the costs. We do need a volunteer or two to help with this so if you know anyone who is willing to make tea and cut a few sandwiches for a few hours please let Mike Marshall know.

We will need to be a bit stricter with regard to safety.  Shenfield is used by the locals for dog walking etc so we neither want to upset them or cause any accidents so please be aware of where your back casts are going.

We will be casting all of our disciplines, including accuracy, and we will again be creating a club champion only this time it won’t involve John Reynolds and I on our knees, in the rain, trying to figure out who had won, provided the laptop doesn’t run out of battery at the vital moment.

Yes, there will be tuition for those that want it but this event is mainly about the competition, so bring it on. Mine is white with two sugers please.

Mike H

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